Different food habits of animals

There is a central doubtful question is, do cows eat bananas ? Yes, the cow can eat the banana. They love to eat the banana. Banana has numerous amount of vitamins, which helps the cow in its growth. We can feed cows’ banana as an alternative food when the hay and grasses are out.

How it benefits the cow?

Banana contains more water content. Almost it includes 80% of water. It is easy to eat and soft. It helps the cow to digest easily. It is so soft so that the cow can chew it easily. There is no harmful content in banana so that the cow can eat them without any destruction. So, it is entirely safe for them.

What about the peel of a banana?

The peeling of a banana has many fibre-rich contents. It helps for their growth, and then it helps them for their digestion. But …

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