Pot evaporator or Haycock heater in the process of maintenance

A crude “pot” where a fire warms a to some extent filled water holder from underneath. eighteenth-century Haycock boilers for the most part created and put away enormous volumes of extremely low-pressure boiler servicing coventry steam, frequently barely over that of the air. These could consume wood or most frequently, coal. Productivity was extremely low.

Fire-tube evaporator

Here, water to some extent fills a heater barrel with a little volume passed on above to oblige the steam (steam space). This is the sort of heater utilized in virtually all steam trains. The intensity source is inside a heater or firebox that must be kept for all time encompassed by the water to keep up with the temperature of the warming surface underneath the limit. The heater can be arranged toward one side of a fire tube which protracts the way of the hot gases, in this manner enlarging the warming …

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