Our Location

In 2007, work was completed on the Gailliot Center for Newman Studies, the permanent home of the Institute. The Gailliot Center is executed in the Tudor Revival style to provide a symbolic connection to Newman’s English heritage.

The structure is defined by a corner clock tower topped by four urns, symbolizing knowledge of great value. A pointed arch at the entrance porch signifies the quest for growth in the spiritual life. A cast stone crest bearing Newman’s coat of arms and the Latin inscription, Cor ad Cor Loquitur, Heart Speaks to Heart, caps the arch. The center has four suites for visiting scholars, a common living and dining area, a kitchen, a chapel, a library, and administrative offices.


The Gailliot Center

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About The Institute

The National Institute for Newman Studies in affiliation with Duquesne University (NINSDU) provides resources for scholars dedicated to promoting the study and spreading the knowledge of the life, influence, and work of the Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman. NINS furthers these ends by maintaining the Newman Research Library, sponsoring the Newman Scholarship Program, and publishing the Newman Studies Journal.

The National Institute of Newman Studies

Our History

In 2000, Fr. Vincent J. Giese passed away, leaving an extensive Newman Library to the Newman Association of America, an organization he founded. In 2002, Fr. Drew Morgan, C.O. and Mrs. Catharine M. Ryan, both board members of the VJHNA, began to formulate an idea that would cause Fr. Giese’s gift to bear abundant fruit. They envisioned a center where scholars could study Newman using the most extensive collection of Newman materials in North America, exchanging thoughts, ideas, and discoveries about the nature and relevance of Newman’s ideas in today’s world. With the assistance of many generous and helpful friends in Pittsburgh and throughout the world, they saw their idea grow into the National Institute for Newman Studies. The first Newman Scholar was welcomed to rented facilities in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh in August of 2003. The Gailliot Center for Newman Studies opened in 2007, housing the Newman Research Library, administrative offices, and four residential suites for visiting scholars. In 2010, the Institute established an affiliation with Duquesne University. This cooperative arrangement established the Ryan Endowed Chair for Newman Studies, a position that includes both academic responsibilities at Duquesne and the directorship of the Institute.

Our Programs

Newman Lecture Series: Periodically throughout the year, Newman Scholars are invited to present lectures on topics of timely interest. These lectures are designed for a general audience and serve to expand knowledge of and interest in Newman Studies.

NINS Board of Directors

Drew P. Morgan, C.O., President
Catharine M. Ryan, Secretary & Treasurer
David Abernethy, C.O.
Dr. Henry J. Gailliot
Dr. Robert C. Christie

Non-Profit Status

The National Institute for Newman Studies is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is governed by a Board of Trustees. A Supporting Council assists with fundraising and operational needs. The staff consists of a Director, an Executive Research Fellow, a Knowledge Manager, and an Administrative Assistant.