Affiliate Marketing is the Way of the Future for You

how to make money with affiliate marketing

The affiliate places this on his website. The affiliate tries to get as many visitors as possible to his website to click on the affiliate links. The network measures the clicks and measures when a goal is achieved. This is done through cookies. Payment takes place after a previously agreed time (advertiser determines the payment term). So how to make money with affiliate marketing ? Let us find out.

how to make money with affiliate marketing

How do you get affiliates?

  • Search in Google
  • Recruit in affiliate networks
  • Turn your customers into affiliates

Tips for the advertiser for more return:

  • Know what an affiliate wants, namely make money.
  • give a good reimbursement
  • Build a bond with your affiliates. Let them get to know you. That way you have a better chance that they will really make an effort
  • work on the conversion on your website
  • pay quickly
  • give bonuses
  • long cookie time
  • add an affiliate page to your website
  • Provide copy and paste material. Write good content yourself.

When can you use it even more?

Sometimes you discover that you take too many things for granted. In this way, we have always assumed that everyone would understand what is meant by an ‘Affiliate Program’. So we were very surprised that we regularly see perfectly empty cans in the eyes of the entrepreneurs with whom we speak about Affiliate Marketing. If we then also say that it is possible to set up an affiliate program for your own product or service, the empty eyes are supplemented by a mouth that falls open with surprise.

Of course, you belong to that group of entrepreneurs, who were already aware of this, but it never hurts to take a step-by-step look at what is needed for you to set up a good affiliate program to improve your products. For those who have lost it, we will tell you what an affiliate program entails. We look at this from the point of view of the person who wants to sell his product, from your point-of-view.

Very briefly, you encourage enthusiastic users of your product or service to promote your products on their website or via Social Media. In return, you pay a commission for every referral that ultimately leads to a sale. Additionally, it is possible that you also paid a commission for every future sale to that same new customer, whether or not he was referred for those other sales. To make that possible, specific software is of course required.

So what are the basic requirements for a successful affiliate program in WordPress?

An affiliate program without affiliates is of course of little use to you. Recruiting affiliates is an art in itself, but almost every entrepreneur has a reliable basis to start with: the existing buyers of his product. You can very well start writing to your existing customers by saying that they can earn a nice amount by referring others to your products.

What is important when you want to start?

It is very important to know your figures well. You will have to know very well what your product or service costs. On the basis of these figures and on the basis of the model that you use you can determine what you can pay for reimbursement. It is common to give a fee of around 50% for digital products. For physical products, it depends on your margin.