Art jamming and its team-building activity

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Art Jamming Team Building

An art jamming studio centrally located in Singapore. We compose it a point to only do art for free time and not for academics. As such, you will not find any prepared art classes here and not feel pressured to paint a convincing way. Our Art Jamming Team Building sessions and workshops are listening carefully on channeling your original self while knowledge exact tips and actions to help you achieve your purpose for that session. Go ahead and unleash your inner child, here is a haven for all things artistic. Want an inspiring and inspiring experience, Sign up for this art overcrowding session to bond with your generation. Think about your visions and goals for your corporation and work towards creating a masterpiece featuring it, Work together with your contemporaries to learn and discover out more about yourselves.

Features of this Class:

Art Jamming Team Building

Work mutually with your team to create a mutual big mural that is specially intended to reproduce your company’s goals and achievements knowledge the fun of working together to generate art with friends and marvel at the finished masterpiece. It is stimulated by your organization’s vision and values, paints on your canvases to produce creative and original artwork, works in teams and suggests ways to visually express your company’s visions using vivacious and creative painting methods, guided by our specialized art instructors. Create masterpieces that can be proudly displayed in your mutual office. We must keep in mind the fun times you’ve had with your colleagues during this art jamming session.

Using your brand individuality and business colors, make unique artworks with your team. We want to generate an office mural or hang up more than a few pieces of artwork around your office, call us to discuss more your ideas with the leadership of a knowledgeable Chinese Ink Painting Artist, choose up the basic skills of traditional Chinese ink painting, or calligraphy. Go through a calming and religious experience as you undergo the smooth silkiness of Chinese ink on paper.

We watch as the ink spreads and fans out wonderfully on wet paper, notice how everyone paints a little differently as an appearance of their individualism and inimitability. Feel the stress being reassured from your mind and body, create a stylish and beautiful group scroll with your team or work on your piece With live demonstrations and enthusiastic guidance from our practiced instructors during this art jamming workshop, you will be able to absolute your very own artwork on Xuan Zhi (rice paper) and bring it home and come together to entire a large scroll painting and bring it back to decorate your office.

We have wealth of knowledge serving corporate clientele from various sectors, including the public sector, oil & gas industry, banking, insurance, marketing, luxury, FMCG, and many others. Aside from hosting commercial events at our studio, we have finished several corporate events away from our studio – with the largest ever finished being one for a total of 300 persons across one full day and 200 persons at any single point in time. In terms of excellence of repair and harvest, we also pride ourselves on given that the best quality obtainable in this manufacturing you would never have to worry in case you are looking to go beyond your client’s hope.