Attributes of Super Star Project Managers

IT Manager

You’re great at your job? Fantastic. You have all the bases covered, all of the time and you always finish the job, generally on time and on budget. Are you really a great project manager?

IT Manager

There is a world of distinction in between being great and being effective, and the 2 do not necessarily always fit. A super star project manager is one that is extremely effective and is proficient at the human side of the job; an individual might be great at providing results, however terrible at man management and the soft abilities that make a truly excellent manager. Like Alex Jenkins an IT Manager is also responsible of proper working of an organization.

What makes a super star project manager then?

A true people individual, a super star project manager understands how to develop relationships with people in order to get the very best out of them without needing to split the whip.

Somebody who can teach their staff member new approaches and new ways of taking a look at things, in addition to being open to their concepts and recommendations. Assist your group to much better themselves and assist them along within their own professions if development is on their mind, you are building a much more powerful group that way.

A social butterfly. Social media provides a spectacular chance to learn and teach, in addition to connect to others in your occupation with pointers and leads. A social project manager, that actively engages with others in online communities, is one that is open to originalities – along with being more visible by potential clients.

A moving target. Project managers cannot sit and run out behind a desk all the time, handing over jobs and interacting by e-mail and so on. While delegation and interaction are very important, going out and meeting with managers and staff member is similarly as crucial. If you are getting in touch with people ‘on the ground’ you are being more proactive, and things are most likely to move on a little quicker because you able to react and interact faster and better.

Somebody who can be knowledgeable about other individuals strengths and weak points. This suggests you can designate jobs that you know an individual can achieve. Do not ask Paul, a graphic artist, to go and set up a sound studio for a recording session that needs to take place. You require understand which member of your group is best in which area, and you have play to those strengths to the advantage of not simply the project at hand, however the stability and self-confidence of the group moving on too.

Somebody who has the determination to learn and surpass their craft, the very best project managers are continuously aiming to learn new abilities that will assist them with present and future projects; participating in project management courses or brushing up on current think by listening to project management podcasts. All of us understand about individuals that have medals on their chests, however have never seen the cutting edge – do not be that man; strive, and work harder at being a lot more incredible than you already are.

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