Best Asic Miner Options with the Perfect Result

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Being engaged in mining one coin, you can start losing another without losing profit. The main condition is the same extraction algorithm. Miners do not have this flexibility of hummer miner mars h1 ASIC.

Having understood the advantages and disadvantages of ASICs, let us look at the internal contents of this equipment. Miner contains not many details. For this reason, on the Internet, you can find articles about how amateurs give advice on collecting their own ASICs. We do not recommend trying to assemble the device, like those that are sold for several thousand dollars, if the necessary knowledge and experience in assembling machinery is missing.

It is advisable to order half of all parts from China because some of the components are not sold in Russia. And those that are sold, at least doubled in price. Therefore, when buying a part, be prepared that it may not come up or come defective. There’s nothing you can do about it.

  • Now let’s talk about what can be detected if you open the aluminum case.
  • The miner is based on the ASIC board, which is responsible for mono-tasking (as opposed to those installed in home PCs).
  • Microprocessors are elements of the device that extract cryptocurrency. The power supply is a minor element necessary to power the entire device. A memory block stores configuration settings.

Coolers are the guarantor of long service ASIC. Avoiding overheating of microprocessors, it is possible to mine for more than three years (depending on the manufacturer) and not less effective.

To start working with ASIC, you need to configure it (at least, enter the address of the wallet and the address of the pool). For these purposes, the equipment is equipped with: a USB input, an input for power supply and an ethernet output.

fusionsilicon x1

ASIC inside: Characteristics or what to focus on when buying

To select a product, you need to evaluate it by the parameters that directly affect the quality of the task. For example, if it is a kettle, the volume and boiling time is important. The same principle works when choosing an ASIC miner. Consider the characteristics in more detail.


The main parameter that determines how many coins will be mined and for how long. The higher the level of hashing, the faster the miner will go through the necessary values ​​for signing the block and the faster he will receive a profit. This parameter in conjunction with energy consumption determines the payback period. The higher the level of hashing, the more profit the owner of the miner gets.

Hash Rate Units: Microprocessor frequency

This is the key indicator that determines the level of hash rate. Frequency sets the performance and the number of operations performed by ASIC per second. In contrast, hashrate is a characteristic of a specific piece of equipment microprocessors. When buying a miner, pay attention to this indicator. The higher it is the better. The average values ​​of the frequency oscillate around 600-650 MHz.

Power usage

In conjunction with the level of hashrate, this indicator sets the payback period. The more powerful the ASIC and the higher the hash rate, the more electricity is consumed. The main thing to choose is the option that will produce as much as possible, and consume as little as possible.

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