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Pinball is a game played as an arcade in the casino as a part of gambling. The machine used to play this game is called the pinball machine. It became famous during the 18th century. The boards are of two types:

  • Solid State Pinball Machines
  • Electro-Mechanical Pinball Machines

The average pinball weighs about sixty and eighty grams. A contestant gets limited chances like three or five, where he is required to score as many points possible without letting the ball to fall off from the board using flippers, the mechanical parts and the flippers are the essential components in the machine. Pinball machines weigh about 110 to 136 kilograms and the size of a pinball is 1/16th of an inch in diameter. You can Buy pinball machine in all shops.


Electromechanical pinball machines are widely used in the modern world. Dimensions of a pinball machine include 29 X 76 X 56 inches width height and depth, respectively. The mechanical parts in the pinball machine have a specific point’s scheme which is used to value the total score of the contestant. The player loses one of his opportunities once the ball goes off the flippers and the flippers are controlled by the players from any side of the machine which varies from device to computer.

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Some of the most known and popular pinball machines of the recent period are medieval madness twilight zone, monster bash, theatre of magic. The only disadvantage of the modern electro-mechanical pinball machines is their heating issue during prolonged usage sessions which can be harmful to the circuits other than this. The current tools are more attractive and advanced than the older reliable state pinball machines. So when you sense a burning smell the time has come to unplug. The pinball is launched from the right of the table using suspension that can begin the ball at the speeds of about 140 kilometers per hour.

Solid State:

Reliable state machines had motors to keep a track of the path that the ball had followed so that the total score was calculated as these did not have computerized processors to calculate the overall score. The pinball moves all around the board and the player with the highest score is considered the winner. The pinball machines almost look similar to that of the computer that we see in windows as a default game.

It was impossible to fit a computer chip inside an older pinball machine as we all know how robust old computers were. The current day computer chips are as small as one or two-centimeter square so that it can be fit anywhere inside the modern pinball machines. If you want, you can play this and enjoy it happily. You have to know how to play it and that is the matter other than that. This is the game, which is almost like gambling and if you have an interest you can play it with the pinball machine.

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