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Reliable digital copying is the digitized reproduction of a document whose legal conformity is recognized under the conditions of Decree No. 2016-1673 of 5 December 2016. In practice, companies can digitize “documents with probative value” and have no need to keep paper originals. With the best dvd ripper now you can have the best deals now.

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What the law says about reliable digital copying

Since Decree No. 2016-1673 of 5 December 2016, the digital copy of a paper document is presumed reliable, provided that all appropriate means are used for its creation and preservation.

According to article 1379 of the Civil Code:

The reliable copy has the same probative force as the original. Reliability is left to the discretion of the judge. Nevertheless, the enforceable or authentic copy of an authentic writing is deemed reliable. Any copy resulting from an identical reproduction of the form and content of the act, and the integrity of which is guaranteed in time by a process in accordance with conditions laid down by decree in Council of State. If the original remains, its presentation may still be required.

The modalities of the process to presume the reliability of the copy made

In order to give probative value to a digital copy, the following fundamental points must be respected:

  • Define the scanning context, including the date of creation of the copy, the identity of the person in charge of scanning, the identification of the document, the settings of the material and the associated tests.
  • Guarantee the integrity of the copy attested by an electronic fingerprint-based on recognized cryptographic means.
  • Keep the copy (and its imprint) in conditions that prevent any alteration of its form or content (in an electronic safe for example).
  • Trace all operations including producing a log of events in the scan chain.

Document the overall process of scanning and preserving traces. Implement appropriate security measures by conducting risk analysis, implementing backup operations, implementing physical and software access controls, using document and data encryption tools.

In addition, if time stamping and signature mean complying with the rules (in particular qualified services as defined in this Regulation) are used, there will be a presumption of integrity of the digital copies. This means that it will be necessary to demonstrate the proof of this non-integrity to oppose a reliable copy.

Maintain Reliable Digital Copy Using a Digital Safe

One of the vocations of the Digital Safe (CFN) is to guarantee the reliability of digital copies. The digital copy of a paper document can therefore replace the original paper version provided it is digitally signed (timestamp, integrity guarantee, pourer identity), set up a reliable audit trail and keep it in good condition. There are conditions to avoid any alteration of its shape or content, which is a good Digital Safe.

The use of a Digital Safe Service thus makes it possible to archive its documents externally, in a completely confidential space. Compliant with the requirements of the electronic archiving standard, it guarantees all documents: integrity, durability and traceability.

For the Easiest Option

The easiest way to comply with the legal provisions for reliable digital copying is therefore to turn to an all-in-one solution, capable of complying with the regulations as soon as a document is scanned until it is stored in a Digital Safe.

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