Friendly with pets and kids

vacation villa in Bali

Airbnb is the application in which the home or property for rent. Airbnb is abbreviated as Air bed and breakfast. The application of an Airbnb connects the traveller and the owner of the property. This application of Airbnb is used to view the property according to the list of price. The Airbnb takes the commission or an amount of nearly six per cent to twelve per cent from the guests whoever stays there and nearly three per cent for booking. Airbnb gives you many more choices to select the property which will be convenient to the people (traveller) or whoever stays there. This article is to share some advantages in a vacation villa in Bali .

Airbnb is a software application which will be able in your mobile phones, it makes the work of the people much easier. Some years ago, if we use to move or travel anywhere we have to think about the area to stay and only after moving to the place we can able to think and decide where we have can stay and amount for staying which makes you lot of stress and as well as pressure, through this application we can view the area provided with the houses for staying purpose and as well as the fair amount for the hotel, there will be no stress or pressure for the person who is travelling. The Airbnb is provided with the materials like toilet papers, separate soaps will be provided for hand and body, pillows, linens as well as towels. Airbnb is not only used for staying purpose is also used for homes for wedding, work purposes, parties, dinner parties, gatherings as well as you can stay with family too. Some other in addition to providing a free and fast Wi-Fi, cooking equipment’s, refrigerator. Then the business of Airbnb has three types of cancellation process flexible, strict and moderate conditions which are provided in the previous article.


Available of the full house

The houses which provide with rent fees will be available as only the full house and not with a single or double room. For example, a house which you have rented for a day in Airbnb they will show you the list of houses with bedrooms in multiple, bathroom, kitchen, pool, office, fencing yard etc…

An authentic experience

This is to share about the food which is provided by the touristy will provides you with a local area where you cannot able to use neat restrooms and as well as in some areas they used to give food which is decayed. But when you used to stay in the Airbnb they also used to serve a portion of healthy food and used to keep clean always.

vacation villa in Bali

Friendly with pets and kids 

In the place of Airbnb, they used to have a backyard that is a playground which is fenced fully. The pet animals especially dogs and as well as the kids of other family used to play in the backyard you can accompany with them and be friendly with them.

Easy to use

This application is used in the android mobiles which is to learn more things, to make a stress free person. From where ever you can search the available homes to some other place.