Give the Look with Contact Lens

red contact lenses

Do you want to add contact lenses as an extra beauty makeover? And the most opted ones will be the colored contact lenses . Contact lenses which are coloredcome in various colors and they give a stunning special look to your gorgeous eyes. Of those red ones are famous. These red contact lenses generally give the scary look and often used in the Halloween parties. But are they safe for eyes? A question arises for each and every person who is about to wear them or having the thought of buying these red contact lenses. These red tinted lenses are generally having an advantage. That is, they are helpful in improving the binocular visual acuity, photophobia this is the fear of light and also the contrast sensitivity.

The above is some of the vision problems for people who can wear these red contact lenses so that their vision will get improved. There is also marked improvisation in the patient’s life and the quality of life with the retinal diseases which are degenerative. This is studied and researched by the researchers who are into optometry and the science of the vision. They have published their results on the basis of their studies by taking the patients between the ages of fifteen to twenty-two years and those have various vision problems such as cone dystrophy, achromatopsia, cone-rod dystrophy etc. so according to their study, with these red colored contact lenses, their vision has been increased and their problems have been decreased.

Get the prescription

red contact lenses

There arises a question where these contact lenses can be used by ordinary people without a doctor’s prescription or not? Obviously, the answer should be no. because the specialist will check your eyes and prescribe accordingly ad if you are not going to follow this, it may lead to severe eye problems which include irritation, itching etc. though these pairs of the coloured contact lenses, which are blue, red , white or whatever the color will add a beautiful or the scary look to your eyes and may be a part of the Halloween costume you planned for it to wear, but the government and the officials strongly give everyone  a warning thatthesecolored contact lenses are no more the legal ones, but they are illegal and these may even lead to blindness.


In many countries particularly in the United States, the FDA along with officials and other officers made a strict rule of the import or the trade of these lenses and they will be seized if they find any. They strongly warn that these colored contact lenses which are the unregulated lenses will cause the damage to the persons eyed seriously. But these are even found in the online shopping websites also. But the important thing one should keep in mind before they buy these colored contact lenses is that to check or verify whether it suits to their eyes an always go for the quality ones and not the cheap ones as they don’t have good quality.