Great Solutions for the Perfect Decals

Perhaps you may think that Decals as an advertising medium are a specific type of business material, but that is not true: they can be used for all businesses. With custom decals you can leave your mark everywhere since they transmit the message in a simple and direct way. In this article, we will explain how to make stickers, the different types that exist, how to use them, among other things. A visit to is important here.

How to make Decals

The Decals are made with an adhesive material and are printed on the front part with the blank verse since that side is the one that adheres to the surface. This product can be printed in colors or in black and white, and then it is recommended to choose a finish as a protective varnish, which will ensure the durability of the material.

Currently, there are several ways how to make Decals to use as an advertising medium, you can create the design in software like Word and then send them to print here or choose one of these Decal designs and voila.

Advantage of Using Decals

In addition to being a very versatile material and having great durability, the Decals guarantee effective communication at an affordable price. They are very simple to use and can have various purposes in the daily life of your company.

All the details count to make the difference: Stickers as an advertising medium are an excellent way to highlight your company because they promote the identification of your brand. Additionally, they are an original product with a “fun” component, which allows you to publicize your brand in a creative way. For this reason, when making stickers as an advertising medium, you must take into account the design that you will choose.

Types of Decals and how to use them

The types of stickers must be taken into account when you know how to make stickers to know which type suits the needs of your company. Within these types of stickers, you can include your brand logo, slogan, and contacts to the address of your store. Next, we show you the different types:

Decals to advertise promotions:

This type of Decal as an advertising medium presents information about discounts, promotions or special offers. You can stick them in your store or also distribute them on the street.

Decals to customize products:

These decals must have the logo or symbol of your brand and can be applied to the packaging: used to close packages or packages, identify bags or gifts, giving a touch of personalization. Decals with your brand logo are optimal to offer your customers.

Decals as Business Cards:

You can use the Stickers as Business Cards of your company and distribute them at events. Remember to include your company’s logo and contacts.

Decals for Invitations or information disclosure:

These Decals in addition to having the brand information: they can serve to present the hours of operation of an establishment or be used in special events.

Brand Decals

These are just some types of Decals that exist. You must remember that it all depends on your imagination. And you can use this material for an infinity of things and achieve different objectives.

Now that you know how to make Decals as an advertising medium, their advantages, types and how to use them as an advertising medium, send them to print and grow your business.