How do garage doors work?

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You are probably getting stressed when your garage starts not working correctly, right? It’s stressful. It is hard to conclude what happened to your garage doors when they started to sound strange or started to get stuck in the middle.

Garage Door Repairs wymondham

If you do not know how the garage doors and how their different parts coordinate or work, you will never know whether your Garage Door Repairs wymondham need to be replaced or they just need a simple check-up. Garage doors need to be checked immediately if you have found any problem in your garage door opening or closing, because as per time, one part of the garage door may fail another part which may free your pocket.

Here is the list of some parts of garage doors and how they work.

1. The garage door

The basic behind garage doors opening and closing is hidden in between panels used in them while manufacturing. Some garage doors used a 3-panel system while some used a two-panel system. This panel system helps in the operation of opening and closing of the garage doors. They start to fold themselves when the door starts to open while they get open when the door is closed, allowing the door a smooth transition. One should check whether these panels do not get stuck or bump.

2. The track system

The heavy lifting of garage doors is accomplished by different parts of garage doors which together are called a track system of garage doors. It is important that these track systems are maintained as straight and having no twist in them, otherwise, your garage door starts to work wrong or stop suddenly while either opening or closing. The different parts consisting of the track system are as follows:

  1. Cable drum:

You will see that there is a cable drum at the top of the garage door which leaves the cables free when the door gets closed and winds up when the door starts to open. The cables play an important part in the smooth moving of garage doors hence, one should check whether the cables did not get split or frayed when doors start to work wrong.

  1. Torsion spring:

Torsion spring helps the cables to wind or leave while opening and closing garage doors. You will see this spring placed at the top of the cable drum. If the doors are large enough then instead of a torsion spring, an extension spring is used to support cable drums in opening and closing Large garage doors.

  1. Hanger track:

As the name itself suggests, it will hang your garage door at the top of the ceiling or in between wherever you want it to when you open or close the garage doors. Hanger track is mainly to ensure that no accident will happen with a car or person when he leaves the garage door open. The hanger track will help the garage door to roll along with the walls of the garage and make the smooth movement of garage doors. One should check out whether these hanger tracks are looking bent or bowed if anything happens to garage doors. The rear hanger track will stop the movement of garage doors when the garage doors reach the top of the ceiling. It should not get loose to prevent auto-closing of your garage doors even when you left them open.