How Email Marketing is Successful with Countdown Timers

Animated countdown timers

When we talk about content marketing, many marketers immediately think of inbound marketing. Email marketing is a bit in a hybrid position, but it is clear that email marketing is also and mostly mainly a form of outbound marketing. However, this does not mean that content marketing and email marketing do not go together. Here the use of the Animated countdown timers  happens to be quite effective. On the contrary, Email marketers do well to be aware of the strategic steps and best practices of content marketing.

Content for Inbound Marketing

Content marketing is simply the use of content for mainly inbound marketing purposes. A lot of attention is paid to the role of content, say texts and other forms of online content, for lead nurturing. In content marketing, the target group is central and people look at different formats and ways to engage content people. Slide share presentations, video interviews, blog posts, white papers, you name it.

So it goes a little further than writing for the Web and a strategy is indispensable. Content marketing is traditionally counted as inbound marketing just like SEO, in a nutshell, marketing tactics whereby you ensure that Internet users and potential customers find you online. Inbound marketing is very hot, partly because it has good cost-per-lead.

Role of Content in Email marketing

Animated countdown timers

Back to content marketing and email marketing. The role of content is increasing in e-mail marketing, from different points of view: deliverability, conversion, personalization, the integration of e-mail and social media content must be worth sharing and the increasing marketing fatigue in a world where there are more groceries and channels than ever before, etc. Whoever learns the rules of content marketing has a head start in that situation.

Email marketing is under pressure

Email marketing is still the channel with the best ROI and the preferred interaction medium for business communication. All messages about the end of e-mail marketing are unjustified, but you cannot deny that e-mail is under pressure in times of overcrowded inboxes. With the increasing choice of media and the abundance of communication in an era where people are increasingly in control, email marketing must be more relevant and personalized than ever. Valuable content is crucial in this regard, but more attention must also be paid to customized content. Email marketers who want to score should not email more but focus more on content depending on the different segments and even individual recipients.

Email marketing is everywhere

In the past, most people read their e-mails in desktop clients and most e-mail interactions went through the well-known traditional way. Today, web-based e-mail, mobile e-mail, social media and even digital television have been added, to name just a few. Platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn are also used for e-mailing and it is important to include those platforms that are relevant for your company and target group in a comprehensive e-mail marketing strategy. The inbox and the placement of our e-mails in the inbox are becoming increasingly fragmented. For example, anyone who has a LinkedIn Group where he brings people together around a theme should also occasionally email that group. The same applies to other community platforms. Even RSS feeds can be part of an email strategy because, if you allow it, people can subscribe to a newsletter with blog posts for example.

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