How to choose a vacuum cleaner for home?

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In the store, all vacuum cleaners seem to be approximately the same – body, hose, pipe and brush. But meanwhile, the difference between them is very significant. The price and arrangement of vacuum cleaners vary. How to navigate the variety that home appliance manufacturers offer and choose the right vacuum cleaner model? If you are thinking about more, then you can go for this page .

Vacuum Cleaners

If you want to carry out wet cleaning in the room, perhaps you should buy a washing vacuum cleaner. Such units are more expensive and bulky, but the quality of cleaning compares favorably with dry vacuum cleaners. When choosing a washing vacuum cleaner, you must clearly understand that cleaning will not be quick first you need to collect the vacuum cleaner and fill it with water and after cleaning, wash it and set it to dry.

The vast majority of models of washing vacuum cleaners allows for both wet and dry cleaning. For example, for the dry mode, you just need to put a bag to collect dust and a filter in the vacuum cleaner.

Water or aqua filter

The most environmentally friendly option, because the air stream is sprayed into containers with water and the dust does not fall back into the room.

These models of vacuum cleaners are not for the lazy after each cleaning, the water from the filter will need to be poured, and the filter itself must be washed. Do not confuse this type of vacuum cleaner with detergent the vacuum cleaner can be designed only for dry cleaning, but at the same time have an aqua-filter.

For those looking for a silent model

Speaking of silent vacuum cleaners is unrealistic, but undoubtedly there are much less noisy models on the market than others. Consider that the average noise level varies between 80-85 decibels, a very annoying value, which is also the most common one in our homes. From this point of view, however, in recent years the manufacturing companies have moved a lot in this direction, developing more silent models. A vacuum cleaner is generally considered to be noisy when it falls below 75 only in very rare cases we speak of a threshold that falls below 70, a value that can still be verified on the energy label of the chosen model.

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To clean even high surfaces

For the cleaning of high surfaces, such as tables and other furniture, we have already seen that it is necessary to check the presence of particular accessories in the basic kit of a vacuum cleaner. To be used easily, however, these accessories must be associated with a flexible hose, which is actually always present in the vacuum cleaners. Another inevitable element is the telescopic tube, useful for cleaning even less accessible areas such as the ceiling, to eliminate cobwebs from the corners or simply to clean the walls of a room.

Carpet cleaning

To clean carpets, check that the floor brush in the basic kit is also equipped with a carpet cleaner function, a simple button that allows you to lengthen the bristles and clean even heavy carpets more easily. Although in very rare cases, there is the possibility of buying a vacuum cleaner that already comes with a special brush for cleaning carpets. To understand the cleaning efficiency on the carpets of a vacuum cleaner just look at the energy label, but consider that the classification rarely exceeds the letter C, which is therefore to be, considered a good value.