How to design a sign for a restaurant

Metal Signs

So what are the aspects you need to check more carefully when designing the restaurant sign? Let’s start with the more practical elements: as has been said previously, the rule of ‘the bigger the bigger and the better’ no longer exists. The Metal Signs must be proportionate to the size of the facade at your disposal: it must be clearly visible (and for this, there are many small tricks) but it must not occupy much of the space available, because the effect would be aesthetically unpleasant, therefore not suitable for the purpose you want to pursue.

The Other Options for You

Furthermore, as regards the dimensions, as mentioned before, the municipal administrations have the right to decide independently the taxation relating to advertising: it is evident that a large sign is subject to higher taxation. For all these reasons, and the economic one should not be underestimated especially in large cities and cities of art, you must always make a choice of consistency, finding the right balance. The current fashion, however, also goes in another direction and taking up one of the marketing cornerstones imposed by that genius of Steve Jobs (less is more) could lead to a further reduction in the size of the signs, which become minimal but which, positioned in the right way and with an ad hoc lighting project, they are able to attract more attention.

  • The other fundamental aspect regards the graphics: the illustrations and fonts chosen for the sign, as well as the arrangement of the elements within the available space, is fundamental for deciding in which direction to direct the attention of possible customers. In this sense, there are several paths: there are restaurateurs who choose to occupy 2/3 of the available space with an evocative and meaningful illustration of the activity, leaving the literal part only a small space. Then there are those who choose a more balanced solution in which both elements occupy more or less the same space and those who, on the contrary, prefer an entirely literal sign with no graphic elements.

Whatever your choice in this regard, there is no wrong or right solution: you have to understand which can be the best based on the image you want to give of your restaurant. Ask yourself a question before making the final choice: what is the solution that gives potential customers the most elements to understand the philosophy of my restaurant? Once you have answered this you can proceed with the final decision.

Types of restaurant signboard

How many types of signs are there for your restaurant? There are many solutions at your disposal to choose the one that best embodies the idea you want to give of your restaurant. Much of the choice depends on the specific footprint of the restaurant: what is the style of your restaurant? Is it a traditional place, therefore that follows an informal and welcoming style or is it a modern gourmet place, with minimal furnishings and chic solutions? Or, again, is it a place designed for the young and very young or is it a romantic and atmospheric restaurant?

Metal Signs

To choose the external sign of your restaurant you must always think about what you propose inside:

Because the two things can never be disconnected from each other but, on the contrary, they must reflect each other.