How to Market Real Estate using Instagram

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The simple platform of Instagram and the focus on photos makes it the perfect app to share your listings with real estate agents. However, agents unaware of the platform may not know what kind of pictures to post. Just posting a photo of your listing with the address and description won’t get a lot of attention. To tell that story you must create a story around the listing and share multiple photos with followers using instagram automated follow .

Begin with a Selfie

A ‘selfie’ is a photo you are taking of yourself. Take a selfie in your car, by the front door, or in front of the sign. Caption it with “Excited to be hosting an open house at 12345 Main Street.”

You preferred room

Take a picture of your favorite in-house room. Have your followers imagine life in that room, in the caption. For example, if the bathroom with the huge soaking tub is your favorite room, say something.

Your favorite option outdoors

Photograph your favorite outdoors. Have your followers imagine themselves living there once again. “Check out this built-in BBQ. Would you like to host BBQs in this home in summer?”

Share your “list of things to do”

instagram automated follow

Write or type a list of things to do to prepare for the open house and then post a photo. This gives people an idea of what services you offer when you host an open house. Also, you can share the owner’s to-do list to educate people on how to prepare for an open house.

Commerce Tools

Always bring a specific bottle of water to open houses? Baking cookies or bringing in a vase of flowers? Lay your items out, and take a picture. Something like “Here is my open house survival kit!” reads the caption.

Online business ideas and how to get them promoted on Instagram

When Instagram was put up in 2010, no one thought it could be used for e-commerce, or for business promotion. Nevertheless, times have changed, and now that nearly every existing medium can be used for business, the same goes for Instagram.

If there are homemakers around, take a photo with them. Instagram is easy to use, and the perfect platform for real estate agents who are not familiar with social media but want to use it to market their listings. Use the app and other app functions that can host Instagram to raise awareness of your page. First off, there are several apps that enable you to repost your follower’s posts and vice versa.

People now and always love pictures and always have and always will. For those who’ve never used Instagram before, it can be a great way to connect with people and build a highly focused, targeted audience. Depending on your preference; brand, professions, or passion you can build an audience that is local, national, or international.

Similarly, if one of your patrons gives you good feedback about your products, you can repost this. Set yourself to recruit followers. Make sure people see your posts, and you have to get them to follow you first for this to happen.

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