How to Prepare Yourself for Moving in Bangalore

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If you are a co-owner, ask your co-ownership trustee to provide an expense account. This document indicates the nature and amount of future charges, the buyer may refuse to sign if you do not submit it. If you are a renter, you must inform the landlord of your departure by giving one or three months notice. Preferably use a registered Movers and packers Bangalore with acknowledgment of receipt. Schedule with him the inventory to request a refund of your deposit.

Prepare For Your Children’s School Change

If you move during the school year, you can keep your children in their school. If this is not possible, you will have to change schools to enroll in another. If you are separated from their other parent, it is necessary to adapt the right of access and accommodation. In case of conflict, you will have to go to the family court judge before being able to move.

Notify Organizations and Administrations

You must report your change of address to your family allowance fund, primary health insurance fund, mutual fund and pension fund. Most often, you only need to sign in to your account to make your change online. Even thinking about the tax department, moreover if you have a child between 16 and 26 years old you must notify the national service office. Do not forget to let your employer or job center know if you have changed your address.

Movers and packers Bangalore

Notify Banks and Insurances

Contact the insurer of your home because he reserves the right to increase your contributions in case of increased risk. If you do not make insurance arrangements for your home, you may be uninsured on the day of the move. If you move far enough to have to switch banks, your agency can take care of the transfer of your account. Do not hesitate to ask him.

Notify Your Service Providers

Contact your Internet service provider and your water and energy suppliers to inform them of your move. In most cases, you only need to log in to your customer account, and their own services will be able to transfer your account to your new address. This approach has the advantage of knowing in advance if your energy suppliers are active in your new place of residence.

Choose Your Mover

Contact several moving companies to ask for detailed quotes. Find out if their service includes packaging and furniture protection. Make sure that the mover you choose is registered in the commercial register, and therefore has insurance.

You have found your new home and you already imagine where to put your furniture and how to decorate your home. But before you plan on this new adventure, you have to start by choosing a date for your move. This will allow you to contact potential movers or rent a moving truck. The key to a stress free move is to start early. The availability of both movers and Lorries is not guaranteed, especially at certain times when there are many moves. Having a moving date is also convenient if you have to reserve a parking space at the town hall.

Moving and notice period

Before planning your move, you must inform your landlord of your departure by sending them a notice by mail with acknowledgment of receipt.