How You Can Go With the Best Quora Programs

how to make money on quora partner program

Quora does not prohibit links, the service itself even helps to beautifully and organically fit and style them. The main thing do not get carried away so that your post does not seem heavy or clearly advertising: limit yourself to 1-2 links. Moreover, if you take 2 links, the first one must lead to your site. Remember that spamming the same response will block you. You will need to know how to make money on quora partner program

Affiliate program

how to make money on quora partner program

It is an advertising format whose ultimate goal is to increase sales and generate affiliate income. The program involves an advertiser. It can be a service or a store and partners who place texts, banners, links and other materials on their websites. Any of them sends a referral link to the advertiser’s website. As soon as the user follows the link and performs the necessary action, the partner receives a payment.

Affiliate Programs: Terminology and Essence

Once again about the terms:

  • Advertiser, company, service, site – author of an affiliate program.
  • Affiliate a partner promoting a referral link.
  • Referral a user who came through a referral link and performed the necessary action purchase, registration, subscription, etc.

Affiliate programs, unlike other ways of making money on advertising on the Internet, are aimed at paying for the result. The result means any targeted action needed by the advertiser. There are affiliate programs with pay-per-impression impressions and clicks, but they are in the minority.

First of all, affiliate programs are interesting to owners of their own sites. But ordinary users can also make money on them. You can advertise the site, products and services of the advertiser by placing a referral link in your own account on the social network, as a signature on the forum, etc. Any method is acceptable if it is not related to spam. Manipulation is easy to detect. In this case, the partner loses his status and, as a result, earnings.

Affiliate reward types

Important: all conditions, payment rules, interest and amounts are indicated by the advertiser in their affiliate program. Before starting work, you need to focus exclusively on them. There are three main types of payment in affiliate programs:

Per sale second name per transaction: The official designation is PPS pay per sale. The partner promotes a referral link on his site or account. Each user referred to as referrals that clicked on the link and bought the product brings the partner a percentage of the sale. The amount is set by the advertiser and indicates in terms of cooperation. According to this principle, an affiliate program from the service works. It offers a fixed percentage on each purchase and is suitable for affiliates whose audience is a small business, bloggers, etc.

For action or for leads: Officially called PPL pay per lead. The target action option is set by the advertiser. This can be a link, registration on the site, subscription to newsletters, etc.

Multi-level affiliate earnings: The scheme looks something like this: users follow the referral link provided by the partner and also become partners. They earn on the program, receive commissions and part of the funds goes to the partner, by the link of which they registered. The principle is very similar to a pyramid, but people really make money on it.

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