Look for the Smart Winning of Escape Room

escape room game

First seen in Japan, the escape room game has become a worldwide phenomenon in the space of just a few years. The challenge: to escape from a room for a fixed period of time by following leads and finding clues. Return on the principles and the course of this life-size escape game.

1 hour to escape, 1 escape room, 1 team here is in a few words the principle of an escape game, a great escape game skillfully mixing enigmas to solve, padlocks and mechanisms to open and objects to find, all of it. in a setting finely thought out to be as realistic as possible. To be more precise, the escape game is a specialized establishment that offers the public an adrenaline rush in an immersive adventure. The team of 2 to 6 people is locked in an escape room and can only escape by solving challenges and puzzles and finding clues hidden on either side of the room.

How long does an escape game last?

Most escape games are played in a maximum of 60 minutes, but there are variations. A game can last 45, 75 or 90 minutes for example. There are no rules: in France, there is even an escape game in the forest that lasts 20 hours. Beyond 60 minutes, however, the game stops. Your game master will come and explain the puzzles that you haven’t been able to solve.

How does an escape game session take place?

escape room game

At first, your game master will remind you of the rules of the game and the safety instructions. Most of the time, he will then explain the story you are about to be immersed in and detail the objective that awaits you once in the room.  Play master will generally offer a debrief which will allow you to come back to the different puzzles. Finally, your adventure will end with a team photo.

What is the price of a game of escape game?

The price of an escape game generally varies between $ 20 and $ 30, depending on the number of players who make up the team. The prices charged by escape game brands in large cities are often a little higher.

Are we really locked up when playing in an escape game?

In most cases, the room is closed by a magnetic suction cup and an emergency button is available to the players or the game master in the event of a problem. In others, the door is not locked so you can exit at any time if necessary.

What are the tips for winning an escape game?

The two key points are organization and communication. The escape game is a team game. You will not be able to succeed in your mission without cooperating with your playmates. As soon as a player has an idea, he should not hesitate to propose it to the whole group.

When it comes to scouring the play space, don’t trust yourself. Don’t hesitate to go back one after the other, we do not all have the same eyes and the same sense of observation, and you might find new elements. Group all the objects you find in the center of the room so that you have everything in front of you. A code, key or object is usually only used once. After having used it, put it in a corner of the room and thus collect what will not be used again.