More about the $200 million fraud of Peter Comisar

Peter Comisar

Recently, there has been news of a very big fraud of $200 million, against Peter Comisar . Here it is discussed about the statement of all the people involved or have a possibility to be equally responsible as Comisar. We will know what was the incident about and why Peter is reckoned as a fraud.

Peter Comisar, the former vice-chairman of the Guggenheim securities, has been reported in fraud of huge amounts. This news has been spread very vastly. He was enticed to discuss with Braun how he would tap his network for a hundred million dollars. Braun has said that Comisar is demanding trickery due to the upcoming sale of $1.05 billion of Braun’s holding company in Ithaca.

According to the allegation made on Braun and David Bolno, it meant that in the year 2016 they decided to elaborate their empire, and then they decided and finalized the private capital firm as their vehicle and began to enroll in Comisar. In his petition, Braun has mentioned he has invested an extra of $5 million in the launch of the SCOPE capital management and also #3 million for the salary of Comisar.

Peter Comisar

And according to Comisar’s statement, he only came to the board with a budget of three years. The fraud was registered against all of them, one criticizing another. However, it is a tough decision because it is a huge fraud for such a great amount. And believing in any one of them is not easy.

In the year 2018, in April, according to the Commissar’s statement, Braun has renounced the financial commitments and also has ceased all the funding also including the Commissar’s salary.

Previously, Braun and Comisar have worked together and their term was also well but later, this has been reported. They have been against each other and have revealed such a huge fraud.

On Thursday, Scooter Braun used Twitter to reveal about his previous business partner who has sued him this week. It was just an opportunist taking his revenge.

In this tweet, he said once he used to take $5 million from them without any result but now he is reading their success headline.

On this Comisar has also spoken up with his justification and also said that Braun was not serious about the annual fund of the SCOPE and has also committed frauds at the company level. Comisar has also said that he had collected a total of $250 million and Braun has failed to collect this much money.

After all this statement about him, Braun has spoken up about this, Comisar had never been so serious about his work at SCOPE and has always concentrated on his business to make it successful.

Braun has said that he noticed that Comisar was noticing about his frauds and then has never corrected his mistakes and also made false allegations against Braun.

Braun has also said that he was financially alleged by him when Comisar knew that he was sued for fraud. According to Braun, all the allegations made by Comisar on him were all fake and he just wanted to disown him.