Ornamental Glass Bowls: Make Them Your Unique Home Accessories

Anna Magnus

An ornamental blown glass vase can be a fantastic restroom accessory. A big piece can be used to keep your soap or cotton balls. Among your ornamental vases can end up being a container to hold bath oil. High and thin vases can hold tissue paper, toothbrushes or razors.

Anna Magnus

Ornamental glass vases or Anna Magnus bowls are exceptional as candle holders. Put some water into it and place tea light candles which will stream and develop a romantic environment. To make it much more ambient, together with tea light candles placed in the vase or bowl a couple of increased petals. If your glass container is made from clear glass, use it as a home for your small goldfish.

An ornamental glass vase can also be filled with vibrant stones or marbles, and no matter where you place it, it will be an excellent piece of home decoration. Use your creativity and consider artificial flowers or plants which you can place inside a vase, among the stones.

An ornamental glass vase is also fantastic as a gift. To make it more special fill it with potpourri. You have limitless possibilities when decorating clear glass vases as you can just use your outdoor findings such as branches, ferns or plumes. You will include color to any room if you fill such a vase with vibrant water.

Ornamental glass vases are a terrific product to mess around in order to make it unique and change they are seek to special occasions. The excellent function of ornamental glass vases is that no matter what you fill them with or if you leave them empty they will always look sophisticated.

What to do with glass bowl

When you have a good glass bowl, which you want to display, attempt to use ornamental sand to make the bowl a bit more trendy. Pick different colors of sand depending upon the color of the bowl, your interior decoration and occasion. It looks specifically excellent when you fill your clear glass bowls half complete with ornamental, vibrant sand. You can place a votive candle in the sand and in this way develop a beautiful and unique glass candle holder. Great touch would be to spread a couple of glass beads on top of the sand to include this little shimmer.

If you need to include some Christmas decorations to your home while using existing glass ornamental bowls, fill them with either cranberry or layer cranberries with different kinds of nuts. Really good Christmas plan would be filling your ornamental glass vases or bowls with artificial poinsettias.

Pinecones are a terrific ornamental option for your glass bowl. If it’s Christmas time, shimmer some artificial snow on top of the pinecones. Twiggy branches placed among the pinecones and sprayed in white, will include this special environment to your room.

Ornamental glass bowls and vases are terrific accessories by itself, we can make them even more unique when we fill them with flowers, sand, stones and so on. And the chances are unlimited. Use your creativity and produce an ideal piece of home design.