Perfect Opportunities for the Ecommerce Works Now

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You will need to prioritize your goals. Again, if you are alone it is more difficult. All your marketing campaigns (Facebook contests, email campaigns, etc.) must be planned for the coming year, depending on the seasonality or not of your products, events in your sector (trade shows, forums, etc.), etc. You can go for the kibo code review in this matter. Be careful, this does not mean that there is no room for flexibility. But at least it will allow you to focus your efforts on your goals.

To animate your e-commerce site and feed your blog at the same time, here are some content ideas that you can create.

A presentation of the brands sold on your site

To start, talk about the brands you distribute on your site.

  • Why did you choose them?
  • What is their story?
  • What are their recognized qualities?

Presentation of e-commerce brands

Whether you sell famous or unknown brands, you can convince internet users of the quality of your products, by praising the unique expertise of supplier companies. You can also try to stand out in search results on the brand name.

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Tests of your products

The product test allows e-commerce to prove that it knows and perfectly masters its items in stock. Offer demonstrations of your products, emphasizing the advantages they provide, the best conditions of use and the profile of the clientele to whom they are addressed. You can take a video test or write a detailed report.

You must try to convince the visitor that the product is made for him. However, if the article tested has some defects which are not suitable for certain uses, also mention it, then specifying an alternative model that is suitable for specific needs.

The purpose of the tests is not to convince at all costs, but to advise visitors with more detailed information than the product sheet.

Usage tips

Since you are an expert in your field, talk about it! Share tips and experience stories related to your products.

The content providing advice on the daily use of your products can be exploited profusely. Your prospects will thus have an overview of the possibilities available to them if they order one of your articles, while your customers will find new ways to profit from the object, which will increase their satisfaction. In both cases, you are a winner.

Studies and trends in your market

Market research and the dissemination of future trends show your customers that you are watching for developments in your field. However, if you are able to predict the next essential items, you are surely able to renew your product catalog in real-time.

Internet users will be reassured to know that you are closely following the news in your sector. As soon as a new version of a product you distribute is released, they will immediately be tempted to go to your e-commerce site to find it.

Buying guides

Your e-commerce site certainly has hundreds of product references.In-store, it is enough for a visitor to approach a salesman to have more information and to be advised of his choice. But on the internet?

Your content must replace the seller. Of course, this goes through the product sheet, which provides information on a particular object, but above all through guides and comparisons.