Perfection is the Key for Condo Purchase

Winston-Salem NC real estate

The average prices of brick-built condominiums in the downtown increased by 50 percent or more in three years. Among the outer districts, there was a remarkable price increase. But no one who started at the already high average price level, as the average price in these districts was well over 30% higher than two years before. For the Winston-Salem NC real estate you can have the best choices.

The same is true for projects under construction: those who get on time and buy a new home can gain 10-30% in value over the course of a year and a half by transferring the right to buy a home at a higher price. The contract of sale remains unchanged, the developer gives the property at the originally agreed price and terms, the new buyer replaces the original, the difference between the contract price at the beginning of the project and the current price level is the original buyer.

For a $25 million property, if the purchase price increases by only 10 percent between project announcement and completion plus $2.5 million and the down payment and initial installment paid at start-up is 20 percent of the total purchase price, 2.5 million profits can be realized.

Such a short-term investment strategy, though promising a nice return, is risky: if the price does not rise, or if there is no other buyer for that apartment, then if you cannot pay the rest of the purchase price, the buyer can say goodbye.

Winston-Salem NC real estate

You have found the apartment of your dreams, but you do not know what to do? Unfortunately, buying a home or building a home can have many pitfalls if you are not properly informed. This article will help you make the most of your home buying process.

Get real estate details

The easiest way to find out the details of a property is to use the property list. This document will show you if there is anything registered on the property that you may not have been informed of. It includes the names and details of the owners, and if you have a registered owner of the apartment which can also cause problems with the property, if they do not want to sell, just the owner, you can also find it on the property page.

You can consult the property ownership list for free at the relevant land office. At present, you can also obtain an unauthenticated e-property form twice a year as an individual through the online system and for free. Of course, this is not valid as an official document. It is for your information only. If you want a credible e-ownership page, you can also request it through the online system. The current price is 3600 Ft.

Alternatively, you can download page I of the property page 20 times a month. It may be best if you choose from several real estate properties so you can see the real estate classification and area from the very beginning. Of course, if you have a lawyer, he or she can also request your ownership form through the online system. You can immediately talk about who the owners of the property are based on the ownership form, whether the property is encumbered, and if so, how.