Regarding the House Purchase Process You Are So Interested About

Buying a Home in Shreveport Bossier, LA

It is a good idea to prepare for inspection in advance. A pen, notebook, measuring tape and camera they are so-called obligatory equipment. If you watch several or a dozen houses, the pictures will help you distinguish one house from another. In the notebook, you write down all the questions, any comments and suggestions to the homeowner. Even experienced intermediaries, many important matters are missed, especially when emotions are involved. For Buying a Home in Shreveport Bossier, LA this is an essential option now.

Buying a Home in Shreveport Bossier, LA

Do you buy the property? Are you looking for contractors or material suppliers or maybe a renovation team? Specify what you need and the companies will make offers themselves.

Where to start?

What do you write in the notebook? First of all, basic information, such as: phone number to the owner, address of the house you want to buy, number of storeys (one storey, two-story, with or without basement), material used for construction (hollow bricks, cellular concrete, silicates, wood), year of construction, surface of the house (total, usable, residential), plot area on which the house stands, starting price, form of ownership (cooperative right to house in a housing cooperative or full ownership), form of ownership of the plot (full ownership or perpetual usufruct), is there a garage (if yes, is it an integral part of the house, or is it a detached building), whether the garage is single or double, what size, what is the width and height of the entrance door to it.

Pay attention to

First, focus on the location of the house. Ask yourself: is it standing in the first row of buildings, right next to the road, or is it hidden in a pit? Is the road on which it is built a through road with high traffic and high volume, or is it an internal road? Is access to the property asphalt, gravel or dirt road? Second and equally important is house design. Absolutely ask the owner for this project. Why? Because from the project you will learn what the house is built from, what materials were used in it, and what technical solutions were used. In addition, the project’s technical description includes areas in square meters of all rooms.

Then pay attention to the roof. Go to the attic or the last floors and check if the roof is not leaking. If there are stains here and there, then most probably you will need to replace the roof cover. The fa├žade also plays an important role check if the house is insulated. If not, you will have to pay high bills heating. Alternatively, you will be able to insulate this house yourself, but it is quite a large expense. Pay attention to whether the walls do not fall off plaster or paint does not peel. These symptoms often indicate poor roof drainage or leaking or poorly installed gutters. The chimney is also noteworthy the old ones do not always have the option of installing a fireplace or a modern central heating system. Chimney replacement or reconstruction is a considerable cost.

The fence of the house is also important

If it is, then pay attention to whether they are metal fences on the foundation, mesh, prefabricated concrete, boards or a full brick wall and in its technical condition. Entering the house will pay attention to several things, such as the type and condition of the windows they are old or new, tight or warped; remember that replacing windows is a spending expense.