Stay Away From Evil Things Nothing but Black magic

جلب الحبيب

Supernatural Belief:

Black magic is something which is completely a supernatural belief. In the early period of mankind, people believe such supernatural things. But now in this generation, no one believes there is magic until it is seen by their own eyes and felt by them. Many people have given many definitions of such things. Voodoo is nothing but a modern version of Black magic. People use this kind of magic for their selfishness or desire. Learning such things is really hard people cannot have such kind of patience to attain such things. It is really very tough to understand.

جلب الحبيب

جلب الحبيب In one of the interviews of Sadhguru, he clearly has said that energy is energy. There is nothing like positive energy or negative energy. There is nothing like a divine and devil. When a light beautifies a house, people consider it as divine and when electricity affects the home, people see it as a devil. Everything is based on the things we see. Our perspective of looking at things matters other than anything. If we look at things with some positivity, it creates some positive vibes but if we look them in a negative eye, they may have a chance to be get spoiled.


Everything is a kind of energy. He also says them if a tiger comes to eat you, it is an energy. If God decides to save you from such a tiger, it is also energy. The function of them only varies in different ways. The thing which people should understand is that energy which is really pure. When a man drives a car, he believes that he would reach his destination or if he met an accident while driving and died in the middle, what that really means? Is driving a car kills a person? It is not that actually, it is some good timing and bad timing. We cannot take everything easily or seriously. The view on things is very important.

Is it possible for a man to do black magic? Yes, any people can do this. Black magic is all about psychology. Why psychology is connected to black magic? He says that he is not doing any black magic but he can create a negative vibe easily in a person’s mind without doing anything. If he shatters a few drops of blood and a broken egg in the entrance of the house, that is enough to spoil the happiness and a positive vibe of that family. No black magic is done to that person. But this bad vibration has made you upset. The fear of negativity spoils the mood of a normal man. So it is completely related to psychology.


If only ten percent of black magic is done to a person and that fear it destroys him. It is that symbolism. He links every incident with that bad vibe and starts fearing for everything. To get rid of such negativity, people need to be very devoted and should have some religious belief in them. This belief would guard him against such sufferings in the world. The good positive thoughts act as a guard from all the negative thoughts.

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