Terrarium Garden with Beautiful Plants

Terrarium Workshop

The terrariums are the environment that is created in a small area for the plants, and these are made in Terrarium Workshop . It can also be called a mini greenhouse. It is for the people who like to have a garden but do not have sufficient area. You can create a terrarium on your rooftop or on the balcony. The containers that are used for the plants in a small terrarium garden are usually made up of transparent glass or plastic.

There are two varieties of the terrarium garden, sealed and open. In a sealed terrarium, there is a movable lid that can be opened or close as per your choice. And the open terrarium does not have any lid, it is always open.

Terrarium Workshop

The terrarium garden is just like an aquarium with plants. It’s like a small environment or you can say a miniature garden. You can use varieties of plants to decorate your terrarium garden. Also, you can use varieties of decorative things like marbles or pebbles, you can paint it colorful and then decorate your small garden beautifully. Know how you can create your own terrarium at home.

How to prepare the terrariums at home?

A terrarium can be easily created at home. It requires very little effort to create a terrarium.

  • You can get any designer terrarium from the market, or can easily make one at home by the fish tank, vase, or bottle.
  • Then put the soil, sufficient for your plant in the container. It should be almost half layer. You may also keep the rocks above the soil, according to your choice.
  • You can also use largely designed marbles to decorate your terrarium garden.
  • Also leave a small hole, for the roots of the plants.
  • Remove the plant, and then massage the roots, so that the soils of roots get loosen.
  • Place the plant in the soil, and then add another layer of the soil above it. And then gently press the soil so that the layer gets in level.
  • You can add various varieties, sizes, and colors of plants together to make your terrarium look unique.

How often should you water your terrarium garden?

As there is a lot of moisture in the terrain garden so you don’t need to water more frequently as you do to other plants. Most of the plants in the terrarium garden are capable of surviving in hard conditions, so they do not have much water. Due to the shape of the terrarium garden, the moisture gets caught after evaporation and thus used again by the roots of the plants.

How long do the terrarium plants last?

If the terrarium plants are properly taken care of then they may last for several years. You properly supply a sufficient amount of fertilizer and water for the roots.


In this article, you will get to read about the terrarium gardens. The terrariums are artificial gardens that are created in a small area. It is created either in a closed or open tank. I hope this article will help you to know a lot about the terrarium plants.