The Choices for the Fine Scrapbooking Process


There are plenty of opportunities to showcase images that take up a little more space on your phone or computer every day. Doing your scrapbook makes sense, especially when it’s a child’s play. Let’s take a look at the key steps of creating a scrapbook. For the scrapbooking this is important now.

Choose photos for his album

It is now easy to take pictures, especially with the help of our smartphone. But that’s not all, we must think to sort them before embarking on the creation of his photo book. The idea is to select the most successful shots (farewell blur, poorly framed or poorly exposed) And group them in a single folder: “scrapbook creation”.

You only have to create a “virtual album” via your member area to save time or wait for the creation stage to download your photos as you go.


The different models of scrapbooks

There are several options for choosing the scrapbook template. Below all the selection criteria that are available on the website.

Select the criteria that match you to display the appropriate photo books.

You can choose between landscape, square or portrait format.

  • Size of the scrapbook
  • Cover of the scrapbook
  • Do you prefer a soft, rigid or quilted cover? You choose

Photobook paper

It’s up to you to see if you want a specific paper. Classic paper is fine, but for special occasions, photo paper is really top quality.

If you have an artist side, the creative paper should please you, it has the texture of Canson paper. We recommend a clean layout with this paper.

Opening the photo book

The flat opening allows highlighting the panoramic photos. Indeed, you can put a photo on a double page without seeing a separation at the binding.

Structure your scrapbook

Before starting the layout, have a clear vision of the structure of your photo book. The chronological order is interesting but is not always the most suitable. An organization by chapter is also possible, for example in the context of holidays: the moments at the beach, camping, activities.

Scrapbook: The long-awaited layout

Now let’s get down to business: creating a successful scrapbook with various features. The first point is to determine how the photos will be arranged in your album: one per page? Two, three, four, more? No problem. For each of your pages, choose the “grid” that inspires you or select “random” if you miss an idea. Then integrate your photos and voila.

All you need to do is add small stickers and text to your scrapbook (dates, quotes, descriptions). But do not forget that according to Confucius “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

The little trick to go faster

Place all your photos on the pages of your book. Once they are all on the right page, browse the book page by page to finalize the layout, choose the background and add text.

We finalize and order my scrapbook

Congratulations, you have completed your creation and can access the overview. Read again and if everything seems consistent, continue on the finish of the cover. If this has not been done before, you can opt for a glossy, matte or varnished look. Here we are, you can order. We hope these tips have guided you through the creation of your scrapbook and made you want to start a new story.