The Chores of the Mothers

mommy adventures

The first year of a mother is a time of unique life. A transition to new values ​​and a new look at the world. What a privilege to live these moments. In mommy adventures you can have the best options now.

mommy adventures

Pregnancy: the first upheaval

It all starts with this positive result on the pregnancy test, that smile that lights up your face, that sparkle in your eyes, those tears that flow all by themselves on your cheeks straight to the heart. Everything changes in one-tenth of a second. Instinctively, your hand is resting on your belly, as if, at that moment, you could already feel the little living being growing in you.

And it’s true, you are different and nothing will be like before. Your little belly bounced leaves no room for doubt: you will be a mom. Fears, doubts, questions jostle in the final stretch when you finally can touch this baby. Until the moment this is a magical moment where your baby tumbles into our world and where you become a mother.It is the beginning of a long road, that of life, motherhood and education. And we face it with the brilliance of a star, the strength of a giant, the determination that only a mother can show that of love.

Birth of a child, and a mother

One year, it passes quickly: twelve months of life, upheavals, adventures, miracles. The first year of a mother is that of rebirth, the beginning of a new experience. Because nothing is comparable to those first few weeks when your baby clings to you to find the warmth and smell he knew inside your belly. At his first smile, when he looks you straight in the eye and the emotion overwhelms you. At his first teeth and your inevitable anxieties and his first words like Dad, Mom or something else that will surely surprise you.

From that moment, everything accelerates. This quiet baby, who until then needed only your arms and your love, now wants his freedom, and his eyes, eager for new experiences, seek, roam and desire more and more: to touch, to learn, to try, to look and we mothers rediscover the miracle of life through his eyes. What a privilege to be at your side and enjoy our motherhood all-powerful.

What has changed in us?

And then one day, we realize that we have changed. No, it is not the lack of sleep or the disorder that reigns in our lives, but a change within. This rebirth related to the arrival of our baby has made us a different woman. We do not realize it the day of the birth, but much later, a day like the others where we admire our little one. That’s when we know for a fact that the one we were before was not really us. This before precisely does not interest us anymore: our life started again with the arrival of our baby. This first year of life filled our universe. The love of a mother, who can do anything, that changes everything.

Look at yourself in ice cream: is it you? Do you think there has been no change? And yet: your eyes breathe happiness, you radiate love, passion, wisdom, maturity. All this is motherhood after a year. Your little creation, your child, is the author of this miracle.