The Detailed performance of Air pods.

Cute Airpod Case

Air pod is the updated version of the headsets. The company called Apple created the first wireless Bluetooth earbuds called air pod in December 2016 exclusively for the Apple users. In the early stage of air pods they used the W1 chip, it automatically connects with the device once it switches on. It can be stored in the Cute Airpod Case . Later on, the W1 chip model gets its updated version of 2nd generation apple air pod with an H1 chip. The H1 chip contains many automated facilities than the W1 chip first-generation air pod. The main comparative feature of the w1 and h1 chip model is that the W1 chip connects only apple based devices but the H1 chip connects with all devices with Bluetooth facility.

Upgraded facilities of H1 chip air pod :

 Air pod is designed for hands-free use. The H1 chip new air pod connect with all the device like

  • iPhone
  • Ipad
  • iPod touch
  • Apple watch
  • Mac book

These are the device in which air pod connects with their company models. Other than this the second generation air pod connects with Bluetooth enabled devices and android phones also. This android connects the facility gives huge propitious in the market.

Cute Airpod Case

Design and performance :        

This second-generation model designed by the H1 chip as it looks before, and it is created by Bluetooth 5.0. The performance of the battery formulated with Q1 based charger. This has the capacity of the longer battery with the usage period of 5 hours of battery life. The air pod has a wireless charging case attached to it.

In the second generation air pod, the talk time is increased compared to the first generation which is from 2 hours to 3 hours. This also connects with the device when once it is on by using built-in sensors and it has an accelerometer in it. This is two times as faster as the first generation air pod.

The beamforming microphones help to clear the calls, sensor and tap gesture works for changing the tracks, volume and also activating Siri. Siri is the assistant which help to access the phone. If a user wants to deactivate Siri with an air pod that features also accessible by tap gesture. This can also help in switching the track easily. The sound quality is high compared to all headphones and this is designed by AAC audio features which give pleasure when one listens to the music through this specific air pod. These have two ears stands air pod made of plastic. Air pods can use without the connection of mobiles so this makes the comforts to the next level. This special feature to connect with android helps the android uses to access it in any place. After the air pod comes to common use there are many companies start to produce the case by different types of creativity. These cases also properly fix with the air pod other than the original case comes along during the purchase. One can buy the air pod through the official website of apple or by common online sellers. Though the apple air pod is higher in prices it is comparatively high in quality level also. So, it worth the money to buy this apple air pod.

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