The Flight and the Children for You

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First of all, we advise you to check the special conditions of each airline, since they do not have to be the same for everyone. Normally a baby can travel by plane 48 hours after being born but it is advisable not to do so, better wait a week for short flights and 3 weeks for long flights, although we with the two children have waited 3-4 months. Personally, if there is no need to wait a few months as we did, we leave Daniela’s first flight with 4 months. The use of the song con heo dat  comes useful while the processes are there.


Let’s start with the most important, the documentation. Tell you that we always fly with the ID, children’s passport, and just in case, we also carry the family book. It is true that we have never had to teach it, but we consider that it has been to carry the rest of the documents by hand. We advise you to take it, “just in case.” If the country you are traveling to needs a visa or special document, you will have to take it out for them too, for example, if you go to the USA, you will need to take out the ESTA for them as well. In any country, you want to visit, look before the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to see what documentation you need in each case.

con heo dat


If you travel with a baby of fewer than 11 kilos, you can ask for special requests, that you want a crib, since there are seats that have it. If they are available, they will be assigned to you without problems. But better to say it with time, don’t wait to get to the airport. With the locator of your ticket, call the company and say so.

Another of the most important accessories for us is the stroller, which, depending on your destination and the child’s endurance, we advise you to take so that the trip becomes more bearable for everyone. (If you do not take it, do not be surprised to end up buying one at destination)

Travel with children by plane. Tips and experience

There are two options for transporting the stroller (this is always better to ask the airline): Take the chair with you to the check-in desk and check it in there to be delivered to you on arrival (we do not recommend it because sometimes you wait for them at the airport and the walking routes can belong) and the second option, and that we like the most, is to go with the stroller to the door of the plane, and once you get there, they tell you where to leave it so that the Travel chair in the cellar. Then they deliver it to you at the exit. We insist, it is better to ask since this depends on the fact that there are no transfers on your flight, on the conditions of the company, that on your stopover airport you already have loan chairs, etc. But if you can, travel with the chair, They allow many times up to 11 years and almost always to the door of the plane.

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