The good thing about photos is they never change like human beings

Online Camera Shop Malaysia

Cameras are used to click the important moments and events of everyone’s life, and there are different cameras are available in the shops, the Online Camera Shop Malaysia also offers a good quality product. The types of cameras are,

DSLR camera:

Digital Single-lens camera is shortly known as DSLR camera, it is the most popular types of cameras available in the shops, every professional cameraman uses this type of cameras in their kit, and this camera is a combination of a single-lens camera and digital imaging sensor.

These types of cameras come with removable lenses and the photographers can change the lens according to the type of pictures. That is if a person wants to take wildlife photography he can use the telephoto lens and while taking the scenery photography he can use a wide viewpoint lens. Both the full and half-frame camera choices are available in this type of camera. You can get a straight view of the scene you take through the camera’s visual viewfinder.

Nikon and Canon are the most popular camera makers of DSLR cameras, Fuji, Sigma is also the popular brands. You can buy a camera which is suitable for your budget, and also the type of photography you take. DSLR takes the RAW format photos and then you can Photoshop the images.

Online Camera Shop Malaysia

Bridge cameras:

This type of camera is lies between the DSLR and shoot type cameras, these type of cameras are capturing the sports and wildlife photographs, Bridge cameras are used by the photographers who are not interested to buy mirrorless or DSLR camera. Bridge cameras capture the pictures in RAW format, this camera is easy to carry when compared to DSLR cameras.

Cine camera:

It is one of the high-end kinds of cameras, used to record films and documentaries, these cameras have exchangeable lens choices, the film authorities use these types of cameras, it is useful for video recording. Sony, Canon, are some of the popular cine cameras.

360-Angle camera:

It is one of the fast-growing types of camera in these times, 360-angle cameras can click the 360 angel photos, even some of the smartphones can click this type of photos, you can buy this camera if you want to click a 360 angle picture. Samsung, Nikon, GoPro are some of the most popular cameras.

Medium format camera:

This type of camera is used in the early days but in this modern age, digital camera devices replaced this medium camera like 120mm film and some manufacturers still make these types of cameras and it comes with a larger sensor and with high cost. If you want to click the image with high quality with a sound performance then you have to choose this camera. Fashion photographers usually prefer this type of camera. Hasselblad, Fuji, and Pentax are the most popular brands medium format cameras.

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