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According to statistics, more than 40% of the world’s population communicates through social networks. Today there are many such sites, among them, the most popular can be distinguished, such as Twitter, Facebook and Mail. In this article, we would like to consider social networks as an object of dissemination of political information, as well as a way to promote science and social knowledge through Internet resources. A visit to Social Media Website is important here.

Social Media Website

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Today, social networks are gradually turning into the latest social institution, with all its features and specific features inherent only in these web services, combining entire regions, countries and continents on one page of the site. Among the reasons that social networks belong to a new social institution, we can distinguish the presence of a certain structure and organization of the network; the presence of a common function for all social institutions – to meet the needs of society; the ability to regulate social processes occurring within the network; the presence of social groups and social organizations designed to meet the needs of groups, individuals; the possibility of carrying out economic activities within the network; integration of social networks into the socio-political life of society and the socialization of individuals functioning within the network.

  • Today, all over the world, it’s not unimportant to note that there is a qualitatively new format for conducting elections “Internet elections” as one of the methods of electronic voting, with which you can preliminarily see the participant’s rating, which is a part or all of the election referendum using the networ].

There is the debate in the world about the possibility of the practical conduct of Internet elections and their security to reflect the will of citizens and the reliability of the results obtained from such elections. A number of countries, such as Great Britain, the United States of America, Estonia, have already used the technology of Internet voting in elections at various levels (from local to parliamentary). The largest political event in which the opportunity of Internet voting was used was the election of the Estonian Parliament in March 2011. It is also important to note that every year social networks are gaining more and more recognition, not only among young people, as is customary to think but also among a more adult population.


To confirm the importance of social networks, it is worthwhile to give the indicators of a small study conducted in 2014 among the population of the Russian Federation. 450 respondents were interviewed for this experiment. And this is what the study showed: “The intensity of use and the importance of social networks.” In order to characterize registration on social sites, respondents were asked the question “Which social site are you registered on?”, Which suggested any number of answer options: most people are registered on social sites such as (20.4%) (29.4%), (32.3%). Then the same list of social sites was offered and respondents had to choose the ones they most often use. Young people mostly use such social networks as the more adult population trust the site (32.3%) more.