The House and Your Options to Choose Your bests

For those who do not consider either of these options ideal, an interim solution is possible: buy a recently renovated home. Some real estate companies respond to this demand by buying up old homes, having them renovated and then marketing them as renovated starter homes. That may be interesting, but beware of hasty or poorly executed renovation work. You will find the answer as you visit to .

Create added value

Renovating yourself is not the only way to create added value with your starter home. This is also possible with a new-build project. For example, you can buy a house in an area that is booming. Do you see more and more young families and hip projects popping up? Then you know that your home will increase in value.

Some tips to sell your home quickly:

  • Take the location into account, because it is crucial.
  • Don’t buy too small.
  • Choose a fairly neutral style.
  • Make the calculation

You can calculate yourself whether it is financially cheaper to buy a starter home instead of continuing to rent it.

The data that you must charge for this are:

  • The monthly rent
  • Your own gross annual income
  • The gross annual income of your partner, if any
  • The purchase price of the starter home, including the notary fees
  • The mortgage interest
  • Your net savings return

In short, it means that you have to make a comparison between the amount that you can save as a tenant over the years and the net proceeds that the sale of your starter home yields. There are handy online tools for making this calculation.

Sell ​​or rent your starter home?

Are you tired of your starter home after a few years and do you feel that you are ready for the next step? Then you can try to sell your home at a profit and look for a larger or better or more comfortable home yourself. Take the fiscal consequences into account:

Property tax: in a number of cases you can get a reduction of property tax, but not for the second home.

Personal income tax: if you rent to a private individual who uses your home only to live in, you must include the cadastral income in the annual tax return. The tax authorities will index this and increase it by 40 percent. That amount is added to your income and valued in the highest bracket in which your global income falls. If, on the other hand, you rent your home to someone who carries out his professional activities in it or to a company, then you should not enter your cadastral income, but your net real estate income. That is the rent, minus a flat-rate deduction.

Added value tax: if you sell the house back within five years, you will have to pay a tax of 16.50 percent on the possible added value.

However, there is also a tax benefit: if you take out a mortgage for a second home, you can tax the repayments thereof. Whether maintaining your starter home and renting out is financially interesting, therefore requires some calculations.

View the distribution of votes within the Association

Every owner has a certain share of votes in the Association. You use this during the meeting when making decisions. Usually 80% of the votes are needed to form a majority. An Association records exactly what percentage this is, so you as a buyer can view this information.