Web design basics: How to build a well designed website

well designed websites

No matter what business you own, be it a mom-and-dad start-up or a full-fledged multi-million dollar initiative, a website is a primary requirement, and it should be a central element of your overall marketing strategy. And when we talk about the site, we really mean well designed websites . If your site isn’t appealing to your target audience, and it doesn’t convey the motto of your business, it would fail miserably. Hence, designing a website doesn’t always mean an aesthetically pleasing webpage – it must reflect the values that your business promotes. Here in our web design company Seattle, we deliver exactly that.

well designed websites

Web design basics using WordPress CMS: installing custom themes

Previously we have done removing the extra plug-ins which we don’t want for now. Coming to the central part  – now, after deleting the plug-ins, you want to click your website title at the top again to go back to the site, and we can see that it says nothing found. So, let’s just open up the checklist from earlier now – we have got our web hosting, and we’ve registered our domain name already. We also installed WordPress, and the next thing we need to do is change our WordPress theme. In order to change our theme, which is going to make our website look more attractive and personalized as per the theme of our website’s topic, you have to head back over to the dashboard by clicking your site’s name at the top. Then on the left-hand side, we can click where it says appearance, and that’s going to show us any of the themes that we have already installed. WordPress, by default, typically comes with 3 demo themes, and if you want to change to one of these themes – you can just hover over the theme and click activate. But we’re going to be adding a new one here, a custom theme. So up at the top, do click where it says “add new,” and from here we’re going to see a list of all these different free themes that we can install on WordPress. You can search through these by featured, popular, or latest – then there’s also a search bar in the top right, where we can search for new themes. Select any one of the themes that you like, you need to hover your mouse over it, and click install. WordPress is going to download the theme automatically, and all we need to do is click activate. Once the themes been activated, we can just click here at the top where it says “visit site” and we will see that the entire look of our website has changed. It’s now looking a whole lot better, and a whole lot closer to the end result that we’re going for. It’s one of the main things we love about WordPress is how fast you can change the look of your website. As we’ve installed the theme, we just need to change a few of the customization options. So click on the grey bar at the top where it says customize – that’s going to bring us to the screen where on the left-hand side we will have a few different options, and then on the right-hand side, we will see a live preview of our site.

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