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Photographe mariage Nord

The trash the dress: is a session that is also done after the wedding and you also put on your outfits. So what is the difference of the day after? This session is special because it is completely crazy. The goal is literally to screw up the dress. The marriage is over, and you will never put it back; even for a wedding anniversary. So why leave it in the attic. You might as well take fully offset photos. It can be a session by the water to finish in, a session with paint. You and your photographer are free to imagine that. For Photographe mariage Nord this is important.

What type of device do you use?

The material is not everything I grant you but between an iPhone, a disposable device and a digital device there is a world. Even if you don’t know much about it, don’t hesitate to ask what your photographer uses as equipment and why not see what it looks like.

Do you have an emergency unit?

Photographe mariage Nord

You may not have thought about it, but what happens if your photographer’s camera falls during the day? If his device breaks down? Does he have a plan B to be able to continue the reporting of the day?

Do you work in flash?

Using the flash indoors is often a bad sign. Given the performance of the devices, we can do without it. However, judicious use and which do not create too many shadows is entirely possible, provided that it remains natural. Then it’s a matter of taste.

Are you editing the photos?

The majority of photographers touch up their photos. Indeed even if the photographer is excellent there will often be judicious cropping to be done, contrasts to be added, or even simply to work the color photos to pass them in B & W. In short, embellish the photos of your day. Also, ask him if all the photos will be retouched or if he will only retouch a selection that you have chosen.

How many photos will you give us?

The number of photos is very delicate. You will certainly see a bit of everything and everything from 100 photos to 2000 photos.

Submitting 100 photos seem too little, the bride and groom would have the impression that there are moments missing from their day. Conversely, the bride and groom are often convinced that by choosing a photographer who gives them 2000 photos, they will make the right choice. It may be true but not persuasive. How to properly edit 2000 photos? Are you really interested in seeing yourself 20 times outside the church because your photographer has taken you in bursts? There is a happy medium between quality and quantity. For your part and for information only submit about 400 photos on the day.

When will we be given the photos?

This is a question that necessarily interests the newlyweds and it is normal. Each photographer gives different deadlines according to the number of weddings that he treats in the season according to the time he spends to touch up photos some apply a touch-up by batch and other touch-ups photos by photos

The wedding planner: If you use a wedding planner, this one can recommend photographers with whom she is used to working and who will match what you are looking for. Big time saver.