What makes a Chiropractor Deal with Healing Now


When you see a chiropractor, you may not know the range of skills and knowledge you have. Chiropractors have solid training in the evaluation, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal problems. Joint manipulation is just one of the many techniques that chiropractors master to effectively and safely relieve your pain and dysfunction. However, to optimize the results of your treatment, you have an essential role to play. Studies have shown that chiropractic adjustment is particularly effective when combined with other therapies like exercise. Consult phyxme for the best result there.

Prescribing exercise, in addition to passive care such as manipulation and soft tissue therapy, can be a critical component of recovery. Patient participation through acute care helps to strengthen autonomy, increase self-confidence, relieve pain and restore function. Your chiropractor can advise you on exercises adapted to your needs and objectives. Here are some of the reasons behind the importance of exercise and movement in the chiropractic approach:


Promote independence: A corrective exercise program helps you play an active role in your treatment. It gives you a sense of autonomy and reinforces your ability to carry out your daily activities without fear or risk of injury.

Decreased apprehension-avoidance: Unless a fear of pain is detected and quickly treated, it can lead to apprehension-avoidance behavior which leads you to stop using muscles for fear of injuring yourself more rather than strengthening them. By returning to your regular activities and exercise, you increase your self-confidence and, ultimately, promote your recovery.

Increased effectiveness of treatment: Studies suggest that manual therapy manipulation or mobilization combined with an exercise program is more effective than any other form of therapy for patients with musculoskeletal problems, including neck pain.

Decreased recurrence: According to the Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters, the exercise-manipulation combination improves treatment results in addition to reducing the risk of recurrence.

Long-term benefits: A study has shown that in the presence of sub-acute or chronic cervical problems with or without headache, manipulation or vertebral mobilization combined with exercise has long-term benefits in terms of pain relief, improvement of the functions and the general effect felt.

In addition to being a great injury prevention tool, exercise is an effective way to relieve pain and improve function for several musculoskeletal conditions, including low back pain. If it is important to stay active for your musculoskeletal health and your general health, it is just as important to support therapeutic interventions such as adjustment. We advise you to consult in chiropractic to find out what kind of exercise program is right for you. To find a chiropractor near you, use our Find a Chiropractor tool.

When patients go to a chiropractor, it’s usually because their body hurts somewhere. The spine is often the cause of these pains. This is why the chiropractor is the first caregiver to consult when you feel body pain.

From one month to one hundred years: no age limit

Chiropractic medicine has no age limit. Having a global approach to the human locomotor system, chiropractic is for everyone, from children to seniors. A professional healthcare organization organizes each year, the second Saturday in November, Back Day, during which a free consultation is offered to school-aged children.