In an effort to enhance and extend the reach of John Henry Newman's life, thought, and spirituality, a study and research institute has been developed to bring his teachings to the community of Newman scholars as well as to today's pluralistic and diverse society. Located in the heart of Pittsburgh's cultural and university center, The National Institute for Newman Studies serves as the definitive resource of information on the Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman.

As you browse our Web site, we hope that Newman's theological and spiritual contributions to modern life will become an inspiration for you as well. Your personal and financial support of NINS will assist us in exploring and realizing Newman's vision for humanity where, indeed, Heart Speaks to Heart.

Nemwan's motto, Heart Speaks to Heart, represents the vision for NINS insofar as we seek to foster the personalism that was the hallmark of Newman's philosphy and spirituality.

Through the reading and research that takes place at the Institute, we are creating the nexus where faith and culture, conflict and reconciliation, diversity and unity, can meet and discover new intellectual and religious insights based upon the life, work, and influence of Newman.







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News & Events

Newman Research Library

The Newman Research Library is an extensive resource for scholars interested in the works of the Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman. The stacks at the Gailliot Center for Newman Studies in Pittsburgh contain nearly 10,000 volumes of Newman and Newman-related works in the fields of theology, spirituality, philosophy, literature, and Church history.

Newman Scholarship Program

The National Institute for Newman Studies fosters the advancement of Newman scholarly research by inviting scholars to utilize the resources of the Newman Research Library in order to pursue academic work specifically related to Newman Studies.

Newman Studies Journal

Twice a year, NINS publishes the Newman Studies Journal (NSJ), offering Newman-related articles in diverse fields, including philosophy, theology, spirituality, history, literature, and education.