Abortion: interruption of pregnancy- the great trial of a woman

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Abortion is always a trauma, whether it is planned and thought and weighed 100 times before, or that it is a spontaneous one that gives us world over, if we really wanted our pregnancy. In our country, 36 percent of women had at least one abortion. And a woman out of four over the age of 33 said she had at least one abortion. In the 18-32 age brackets, the percentage of pregnancy discontinuities is decreasing compared to previous years, a survey said in 2018.

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Natural abortion

Also known as spontaneous abortion, it means losing pregnancy from causes, as the name calls it natural, without any external intervention. According to the mifepristone sklep such an episode, traumatizing for the woman who lives and for the couple in general, is quite met with the figures telling us that 1 in 4 women are losing their pregnancy in this way.

The risk of miscarriage is high until the 12th week of pregnancy. There are two variants – because the loss occurs relatively early in this case, the woman may or may not know she is pregnant and therefore goes through a spontaneous abortion.

A significant number of pregnancies are lost in the first few weeks, so the woman can always believe it was a more violent menstruation, and she does not suspect she has lost a pregnancy. If dashes have gone through the test, and the task is past, let’s say 8 weeks, and then the worry and worry will be greater.

Abortion spontaneously begins with significant bleeding and unbearable cramps, and doctors choose the first option to let the body dispose of the fetus alone without any medical intervention. Of course, things change in the case of an ectopic pregnancy that could also tear a uterine tube.

The whole process of spontaneous abortion can take several days, and then investigate to see if there is any need for curettage or other methods. As for the causes of this type of abortion, they are somewhat unclear for the medical world as well. Of course, there are suspicions that almost always there are genetic, chromosomal abnormalities that occurred during fertilization or during embryo formation.

But in most cases there will be no clear explanation of the loss of pregnancy, although doctors will recommend a series of tests. Please note that the abnormalities I’ve been saying to you are usually punctual, that is, only targeting the pregnancy, will not be repeated as many times as the woman will become pregnant. There are cases where a miscarriage is followed by others, and they require further investigation, without implying that the patient will not eventually lead to a pregnancy.

Certain substances and the risk of abortion

Women with a high level of bisphenol A in the blood are 80 percent more likely to suffer a miscarriage, according to a new study by researchers at Stanford University in California.

Bisphenol A is a substance found in plastic containers, household vouchers and sunglasses, and phthalates are present in the nail polish, makeup products, deodorants and shampoo. Researchers said pregnant women should avoid canned food, heating food in plastic containers, and even contacting household binders printed with a binder containing bisphenol A.

Abortion provoked

Whether we do not want pregnancy or we are afraid of it for medical reasons (many tasks end on demand, after women realize that they have taken extremely potent and harmful pills for the fetus when they did not suspect they were pregnant) we may (legally after the revolution) have an abortion until the 12th week of pregnancy unless there are other medical indications.