Classification of the warehouses and their uses

Warehouse Management System

The warehouse is the storage units of the goods and the services the warehouse is an important factor in all the industry so the if the where is be in the standard form the good that ready for the sales are also be in good quality so in the quality of the goods and the service is also dependent upon the warehouse in all the industries there must be a Warehouse Management System  their work is to manage the warehouse properly lets going to see about the types of the warehouse

Full covered warehouse

In these types of the warehouse they store the product like the rice-wheat food products and the automobile parts electronics parts and the many more so these things are doesn’t allow the heavy sun rain wind and other so due to saving the product from the nature they built the full covered warehouse in the warehouse they don’t allow a drop of water in it so the things that kept in these warehouses are safe in all the so it doesn’t get any losses to the product with the help of the warehouse the finished product can meet the consumer without any defects

Warehouse Management System

Open warehouse 

In the open warehouse there is a storage place with the open area so in that place flow of the air sunlight are be gets freely to the storage goods these warehouses are being used to drying goods with the help of the sunlight the goods like nuts like groundnut rice and the many more so after the long dry of sunlight it ready to reaches the consumer so it is the easy type warehouse that can be built by all types of industry easily so an empty place with the full cleaning is enough to make these warehouse

Cold storage warehouse 

The things that are being stored in the cold areas are called be the cold storage warehouse so they are being helped to store the clod products the cold products like the ice cream paneer cheese buttermilk and the many other they are being stored in the freezer warehouse they are like the big refrigerator and the meat products like the fish chicken meat and other packaged meats are also stored in the cold warehouse so these products are be stored after the preparation and yet they are being stored in the cold storage before reaches the consumer

Water warehouse

In this warehouse there are be the many big tanks that are built in the warehouse they are being helped to store the fishes and fish farming all the fish farming like the colour fishes pet fishes and the eating fish they are be farming in the pond with this types of the warehouse and the dying factory are lave these water warehouse to dye the clothes the white cloth material is be colouring with this help of the big tanks so the warehouse is being played the important role in the industry so the good and the services are being stored safely and be in the protected form so with the help of the warehouse the products are meet the consumer safely and without any losses