Garage door opener installation services in seattle

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Most people with garage door springs on their homes or businesses use the equipment several times every single day, so they realize just how much value their door has. What many people don’t realize, however, is how crucial the opener is to the process. You have to choose from many features for your opener, and it needs the capability to handle the door for peak performance and seamless operation.


Belt drive: These openers are known for their smooth, ultra-quiet operation, ideal for residents that live near other housing units or have family members who need to leave the house while others are sleeping.

Chain drive: This option makes more noise than the belt drive, but many homeowners prefer its high quality and long lifespan.

Jackshaft: While less common than the other two, this opener is just as available to you when you become a Distributor’s customer. The jackshaft garage door opener is ideal for homes without overhead space or with an uncommon structure like cathedral ceilings. They’re mounted beside the door to save space. The version we sell even comes with a battery backup so that power outages are not a concern.


Many leading commercial enterprises throughout the greater Seattle area can’t do business at all without a functional garage door. Going without a door that can open and close on command hinders the productivity of fire stations, warehouses, shipping facilities, and so many more locations. Commercial overhead doors are usually much heavier than residential doors, so you need an opener that allows your door to function as intended. Just a few of the high-quality openers we install for businesses include the:

Jackshaft Garage Door Opener: If you have a sectional door with a thigh lift, this commercial jackshaft opener is perfect for you. It is available for light, medium, industrial, and heavy industrial use. Customers often pair this type with rolling grilles, shutters, and rolling doors.

Trolley Garage Door Opener: Available for light to industrial duty, this opener works for standard lift sectional doors.

Hoist Garage Door Opener: This is an ideal choice for rolling doors, sectional doors, and grilles with a high lift. We sell this version for medium, industrial, and heavy industrial duty.


Honest estimates: Expect speed and transparency when you request a free estimate for your new garage door opener. We place an emphasis on accuracy, so you don’t have to anticipate a high bill loaded with hidden fees.

Trained professionals: Instead of subcontractors who can be inconsistent and sloppy in their work, we train our experts ourselves after they’ve undergone extensive background checks. They’re certified professionals with impressive skills in the industry.

Safety: Every garage door is heavy, so if someone doesn’t install it right, a slamming door could damage property, injure someone, or worse. Because we train our technicians ourselves, we know we don’t have to worry, and you shouldn’t, either.

garage door springs

The products we sell at Distributors are backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. We also offer aftercare, inspections, maintenance, repairs, and replacements when necessary. You can schedule a repair if you think something is wrong with your system, or take advantage of regular maintenance to keep your garage door in tip-top shape throughout the years.