Generate Your Own Electric Power with Solar Panels

6kW Solar Systems

Electricity is in great demand all over the country and there are many alternatives found all over the world. One of the best alternatives found in generating electric power is the solar power system. This solar electric power system is totally based on the sunlight. The electric power will be generated from the sunlight with the help of a panel. The panel will be placed at the top of the roof for getting direct sunlight without any interruption. The panel will get heated by the sunlight and then it will generate electric power. 6kW Solar Systems will be available in many companies which can be used for larger homes.

6kW Solar Systems

Proper Tilting of Panel:

The solar power panels can be fixed in the eastern direction for good coverage of sunlight for generating more electric power. The other directions in which the solar panels can be placed are north and west. The south direction will not work for generating electric power as the sunlight will not be adequate. The panels must be tilted for a minimum of 10 degrees for ensuring the proper self-cleaning. The panels should be cleaned properly during the rainy season and so the perfect way for cleaning itself will be placing the panel in a tilted manner. Thus the panel must be placed in a proper position for generating power. Search for a better company and get better offers and so you can pay the power bill properly.

The battery will be a main component of the solar power system. The battery helps the people to store the power for future use without wasting them. Especially, during the night times, the sunlight will not be available and so the panel cannot absorb solar energy. At these times, the solar power system will use the power stored in the battery. The battery will be more efficient and there are many sizes of battery. One can choose any battery power for storing electric power. In case, if a person lives in hill stations then the high power battery can be used for storing electric power for long usage.

The solar power will not have any moving parts normally except for the inverter which converts the DC power to AC. The inverter will be available with the small cooling fan to avoid overheating of the inverter. The solar PV panels on the rooftop of the house and the business places will generate clean electricity when the light energy hits the panel. The conversion of energy will normally take place within the cells of the solar panels. The cells of the solar panels are usually fabricated with silicon.

The solar power system has great advantages and will save your amount enormously. Normally, people will have to buy electric power from a nearby company which has many plans. Though people select the desired plan, the amount mentioned in the bill will be very high and the monthly payments will be more hectic. To avoid these payments, one can generate the own electric power in the home itself. This will help you to use the independent electric power as per your wish. There will be more savings of electric power and amount also. So get the good sale and do make use of it.