The Glory of Laser Tag with the Best Chance

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Basic must be observed without fail their violation is punishable by the withdrawal of the offender from the game without any compensation and compensation with the annulment of the official results of the player. Control over their compliance rests with the arena staff and the referee. Go for laser quest singapore there.

Violation of the rules of the Second level is punishable by the withdrawal of the offender from the game with subsequent full or partial compensation, or the cancellation of the official results of the game. Monitoring compliance with the rules of the third level Gentlemen’s and the rules of the Special Procedures is entrusted to the players themselves and is punished by the referee in agreement with the other players.

Basic Rules:

Prohibition of physical contact: Laser tag is not a contact sport. All intentional direct physical contacts between players during the game are strictly prohibited.

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Prohibition of intentional cover for lesion sensors: Lesion sensors should always be visible.

Prohibition of the MacLeods: Problems with equipment that a player has during the game, the immunity of his vest, or excessive damage, defocusing of the striking beam increased lethal force, etc. should mean his immediate exit from the game to replace equipment with serviceable.

Prohibition of the use of non-standard equipment: it is forbidden to bring into the arena foreign objects that are not included in the standard equipment. Any use of the equipment not for its intended purpose is strictly prohibited.

Rules of the Second Level

Prohibition of covering the speakers of equipment: It is not allowed to cover the speakers in order to muffle their sounds.

Prohibition of lying: It is strictly forbidden to lie on the floor of the maze during the game.

Prohibition of premature attack: It is not allowed to leave the territory of your base before the signal to start the game.

Prohibition of “finishing off”: Deliberate and prolonged “shooting” of already hit opponents is not allowed with the aim of immediate defeat after their activation.

Prohibition of “gymnastics”: Excessive acrobatic movements during the game, such as jumping, headstand, scrolling on the knees and stomach, etc. are not allowed.

Prohibition of intentional blocking of an opponent: It is forbidden to intentionally block the movements of opponents during a game by means of physical force.

Prohibition of deliberate removal of the blaster: It is forbidden to intentionally touch the blaster and ammunition of other players with the aim of deflecting the beam or covering..

The prohibition of “mountaineering”: It is not allowed to use the maze obstacles not for their intended purpose, as well as changing the configuration of the maze without the knowledge of the administration.

Gentle Rules on the Third Level

Prohibition of cheating on color: Joint actions of players from different teams against one of the parties, including any of these players’ hostile actions directed by the player against his own team are not allowed.

Permission for covert shooting: It is allowed to use special openings and cracks gaps of the obstacles of the maze for covert shooting.

Denial of the player’s passivity: Passive behavior of the player in the maze during the game is not allowed – that is, his intentional lack of reaction to the actions of opponents directed against him, with the exception of the procedures.