WordPress tutorials for beginners in 2020

WordPress tutorials

WordPress was first found in May 2003. The founders of the WordPress software are Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. WordPress was first found as a simple blogging platform. Now, it has grown into a complete site-building platform.

WordPress is an open-source site-building platform. WordPress is known for its flexibility and is very easy to use. It is also very cost-efficient. You no need to be a developer to build a site on WordPress. Simple WordPress tutorials can help you build a site. In fact, you can build a site at a very low cost on WordPress. All you need is to learn some WordPress tutorials before beginning.

There are two types of hosting sites on WordPress, WordPress.com amd wordpress.org

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

As said above, WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two ways of hosting sites in WordPress. The only thing that is different between these two is the host. In WordPress.org, you can download the script and host it yourself with the help of some other host. Whereas, in wordpress.com the WordPress site itself will take care of the hosting. Here, you no need to do anything, you are free of the gigs in managing a web server. WordPress itself will host the site for you.

Pros and cons of WordPress.com and WordPress.org

If you feel that managing your own web server and the host is hard for you then you can go for WordPress.com since they take care of all your web server management and hosting. It is a completely free and easy setup. You will also have a number of plugins and themes that you can use for your WordPress.com site. But however, this will cost you a price. Your website will always come with the wordpress.com in the URL and also it will hard or you will be not able to upload any custom downloaded themes or plugins. You will have to use only WordPress themes and plugins that are available for free or you will have to upgrade to WordPress premium.

WordPress tutorials

On the other hand when you host your website on WordPress.org then you will get more flexibility and control over your site. You will be able to have the domain name you wish without any wordpress.com extension. You will also be able to upload and install plugins and themes that are customized.

In WordPress.org you will also have access to the database. That is you will able to modify any aspect of your website to your liking, All the powerful websites are hosted using wordpress.org.


CMS is known as a Content management system. It is good to choose WordPress because the cms of WordPress are updated constantly. CMS is nothing but is an application that will help you or assist you in publishing digital content. This will also help in creating and modifying digital content. CMS also allows you to format texts, upload video and audio files, etc.

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