Choices You Need to Make for the Proper Co Working Process

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Coworking allows both to share a workspace but also to develop its business network. It is an interesting alternative to work differently by combining dynamism, flexibility and user-friendliness. But how was born the idea of ​​this very fashionable concept? With bureaux partagés saint omer you can have the best deals made without any complication.

But where does the term “coworking” come from?

Used for the first time in 1999 by Bernie De Koven, this new concept tells the story of collaborative work and its many advantages. The coworking movement then finds its origins in the digital world with the first space “C-Base”. It was founded in Berlin in 1995 by computer geniuses wishing to exchange knowledge on free software, hardware, software, etc.

What is the origin of the concept?

The artists’ studios that appeared in the 19th century were close to today’s coworking spaces. Indeed in 2002, La Ruche de Montparnasse already allowed painters to work in a friendly setting; painting icons have also experimented with the concept such as Gauguin or Picasso. These workshops give the opportunity to amplify their creativity in an inspiring place while saving money and developing their network. These types of practices only concerned certain individuals on the margins of the system; at the present time these practices are becoming widespread.

What about the rest of the world?

Coworking is growing in San Francisco and wider in Silicon Valley as many revolutionary ideas elsewhere. The concept really took off in 2005 in Washington and San Francisco. Subsequently, we see new collaborative spaces like Hat Factory co-founded by Chris Messina, also the inventor of #hashtag on Twitter!

Coworking: A Concept In The Air Of Time

That’s where the trend is launched and is growing across the world and its capitals. Every day, coworking becomes more democratic and the community gets bigger.

This collaborative work mode is intended for profiles of any horizon. Coworking is particularly attractive to self-employed people who have chosen to become self-employed for greater independence, freedom and autonomy. But small and large companies can of course have access to coworking. Its advantages are attracting more and more followers: decompartmentalize, combine working environment and social environment, enriching professional relationships, etc.

  • A space where these professionals work for different clients in a stimulating place, without hierarchy or competition, all in a friendly and cozy setting. The coworker chooses the formula which seems to him the most adapted according to his activity: subscription by the hour, the half-day, the day, the week, the month even to the year.


Coworking is in some ways the future of work. The search for mobility and flexibility tends to become a true social movement. The new generations want to have a balance between their private and professional life. Here, coworkers are complementary and benefit from the wealth that each member brings. There are hubs of skills similar to companies, allowing everyone to benefit from easy and enriching access to a variety of human resources. This is a friendly environment conducive to exchange and collaborations.

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Currently, there are more than 2,500 coworking spaces around the world. These collaborative workspaces create and develop a network that now transcends borders. That’s when we see new systems surfing on this international wave. The “Co-Pass” allow international coworkers to have free access to coworking spaces located around the world.

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