What the Journey to Israel Offers You Now

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In our opinion, a visit to Israel should be mandatory for all of us. It will broaden our horizons and open our eyes wide. If you decide to visit this country, we believe it will enrich you religiously, politically, but also humanely. As you Visit Website of the right company tours and travels, you can have the best deal.


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The weather, and especially the air temperature, is varied and fluctuating in Israel, especially during winter. The mountainous areas are mostly cold and windy, often accompanied by snow. The top of Mount Hermon has a snow cover for most of the year and usually snows in Jerusalem every year. Coastal cities such as Tel Aviv and Haifa have cold, rainy winters and long, warm summers, so basically a Mediterranean climate. We definitely recommend packing something warmer, because in the higher city of Jerusalem, for example, it is cold even though you still walk in Tiberias in shorts.

Season and when to go

We assume that most of you prefer destinations other than Israel to relax and swim by the sea. Of course, the regeneration of the tired musculoskeletal system at the Dead Sea is not a waste. But if you want to go here for sightseeing, the appropriate season is autumn or spring, because you avoid high temperatures and therefore unpleasant

History in a nutshell

History is complex and rich. The area of ​​Israel and Palestine was first settled in the late 4,000 BC. Names such as Solomon or Alexander the Great appear in the history of the state. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict affects current affairs and affects the lives of many. The State of Israel was founded in 1948.


Israel’s composition is inhomogeneous. Many ethnic groups live side by side, especially Israeli Arabs and Jews. Easy characteristics of the population: as everywhere, it also depends on what person you encounter. Arabs are very communicative traders, and for Orthodox Jews you often won’t even exist. But you still have a great chance of meeting nice and smiling people, just as we have met who want to help you. You can talk to them about anything. Even politics is not a forbidden topic. Israel has about a third less population than the Czech Republic.


The holidays and festivities in Israel are influenced by religions. We find countless of them. The most important feast you will most likely encounter is Shabbat, which  lasts from Friday to Saturday twilight. It is a day full of prayers and a day without work. You as a tourist will notice it mainly because there is no public transport on this day and no official public services. This holiday is not the best day to visit Jewish neighborhoods. Conversely, you can head to the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem, Bethlehem a city under Palestinian Authority or visit other Arab or Muslim monuments.

Lent month Ramadan

At this time, on the contrary, refrain from smoking and alcohol in public. Try to avoid eating food in front of a large audience. In addition to these two most important festivals, you can experience Hanukkah the Feast of Lights, Simchat Torah the joy of the Torah, or Passover the feast of unleavened bread. Due to the differences between our calendar and the Jewish calendar, the dates change every year.