Different food habits of animals

do cows eat bananas

There is a central doubtful question is, do cows eat bananas ? Yes, the cow can eat the banana. They love to eat the banana. Banana has numerous amount of vitamins, which helps the cow in its growth. We can feed cows’ banana as an alternative food when the hay and grasses are out.

How it benefits the cow?

Banana contains more water content. Almost it includes 80% of water. It is easy to eat and soft. It helps the cow to digest easily. It is so soft so that the cow can chew it easily. There is no harmful content in banana so that the cow can eat them without any destruction. So, it is entirely safe for them.

What about the peel of a banana?

The peeling of a banana has many fibre-rich contents. It helps for their growth, and then it helps them for their digestion. But some people will not feed a cow with the peel; they remove the peel, and then they provide them. Usually, they can be feed with the peel itself.

Shall we feed rotten banana to cows?

Yes, rotten banana is safer for cows. Many countries provide rotten banana to the cattle because the fresh bananas were mostly eaten by the people or are exported to many abroad countries.

Will cows eat banana tree leaves?

We can feed banana leaves to the cows because it doesn’t affect them. Secondly, we must consider that we must give them only in moderate quantities. Make sure that you add some vegetables and then feed along with them. Because it may cause contribution when compared to the average amount of feed. It may cause a severe digestion problem.

How many quantities of banana can a cow intake per day?

It is not, particularly, we can mention. It usually is about feeding them to maintain a proper diet. But banana should not be a significant part of the cow’s diet plan. We must add some mixtures of grasses and hay along with the banana. The diet plan should be appropriately maintained.

How are sheep comfortable with apples?

Sheep are always comfortable with apple. We can feed them apple in a moderate quantity. We must cut the apples into pieces or slices, and then we can provide them. The seeds in the apples can be poisonous and can affect the sheep. Make sure to remove the seeds before you feed them. Because the source contains cyanide, it may give trouble to the sheep. And also, we must provide apples along with some grasses or hay so that the correct diet will be maintained for them. Too much of apple should not be given per day; it may cause digestion problems.

do cows eat bananas

How are goats comfortable with apple?

Goats are comfortable with apple; they can eat a moderate quantity per day. The apple seeds don’t affect the goat because when the source is chewed, the cyanide content is released only in few amounts, so it will not affect them. Before feeding them, make sure to add some mixtures of grass and hay to maintain diet. Too many apples can cause a rise in sugar level and cause trouble indigestion.