Greatness in Yoga Now: What You Need to Know

yoga teacher training in rishikesh

Yoga is a natural way to slow down and live with greater awareness. It is an old proven tradition that has existed for thousands of years. In fact, yoga at work has become extremely popular in many businesses, and even nationwide. The yoga teacher training in rishikesh  can offer you the best option now. Yoga has been proven to:

  • Stress reduction
  • The low cost of implementation
  • Helps calm the mind and body
  • Low impact exercise
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Concentration of construction
  • Eliminate fatigue
  • Generate energy
  • Increase productivity and morale

Adaptability with different skill levels and abilities

The popularity of yoga has skyrocketed in recent years. The yoga system is based on universal truths so that it does not interfere with anyone’s religious beliefs. Yoga is for men and women of all ages and professions, and you can start at any time.

yoga teacher training in rishikesh

Yoga is first of all non-competitive. The goal of yoga is to get to know each other better through the practice of yoga and to work slowly and deliberately to gradually gain flexibility. The graceful and fluid movements found there create a balance between the strength of the body and the spirit. The goal is not to build muscles, but to build muscle tone.

Thanks to the postures of yoga the muscles are stretched in length. Yoga also helps to strengthen the immune system. The postures also work on the internal organs so that the body functions like a finely tuned car in an optimal state. Yoga also helps to soothe physical tension through deep stretching and improves breathing. Deep breaths create a real and lasting sense of harmony, embracing body and mind. Yoga is a wonderful way to learn to relax. Postures engender calm and concentration that extends beyond the body, deep into the mind, reducing stress at all levels.

Yoga builds strength, balance and elasticity-so muscles can better absorb shocks.

Yoga trains you to relax the muscles and joints that are often ignored in your daily life. Yoga helps make your skeleton and muscles more resilient. Regular practice improves your balance to avoid falls. Yoga also stimulates circulation in your lymphatic system by exerting your muscles and by deep breathing. Yoga helps you build muscles to protect yourself from injury.

We talked about the prospects for yoga, the popularity of the teaching profession and the problems of quality training with the director of the network of yoga centers. Your system of training yoga teachers is considered one of the most respected and at the same time the most complex.

Yes, we take far from all of our teacher courses. And our process is difficult, long. To begin with, each candidate must practice yoga in the usual quality for at least two years. And do it pretty seriously. Then we conduct selections through which so many candidates do not pass. Well, the course itself lasts another three years. That is, from the moment a decision is made to become a yoga teacher, at least five years pass.

And what is the point of such a long preparation?

We approach teaching methodically, and even those who, before entering the teacher’s course, have already been teaching and there are many of them, are changing greatly in the process. The human body is changing along with this the personality is invariably changing.