Is There Any Contribution on Ithaca from Peter’s Side?

Peter Comisar

Those who are maintaining businesses, always need an advisor first. It will be very helpful to have an analyst as well as an advisor. Peter Comisar has the same vibes. He is a master of Investment Management. He recently accused Mr. Scooter Braun of not being a proper boss and filed a complaint against him in Los Angeles. The reasons will be discussed below. But what the statement came from Brain’s side, will be discussed here too. Let’s see.

What are The Contributions from Peter’s Side on Ithaca?

The story starts with a big dream. Mr. Braun is a good man as he launched various talented people by himself. But everyone has a reason for being hard. When it comes to their ambition, dream, and life goals, a businessman needs to be tough.

In 2016, he recruited Mr. Peter Comisar as his financial advisor and gave him the place to maintain the Scope Capital Industry. Peter was recommended by Braun’s manager Mr. David Bolno. Later he changed his statement about Peter’s talent after filing the Accusation.

Mr. Peter Comisar has been doing this job for years. He worked for Goldman Sachs for 2 decades. There is no question about his experience, knowledge, and talent in this particular field. However, according to Braun, he was unable to draw investors and can’t do the job properly. Even he can’t increase the revenue by $250.

Peter Comisar

Though all of these accusations are implied on Peter, three successes can’t be denied. Peter was given $3 million as salary, and he kept his word. Let’s see the successes.

  1. Scope Capital Management is built by Braun. It is an investment platform. Undoubtedly, the Hollywood industry is the biggest till now. And people from all over the world love to see and Invest in this art. Braun and Peter both figured it out and tried to pull huge investors. Though Peter drew some investors, it was not enough as Braun desired. Although the success was not quite low.
  2. The second great success was the shares of Braun’s holding company. Increasing the share price of a particular share is luck. Those who will invest in it will benefit. Peter has a high contribution to it. He knows the right way to increase the price values of a certain share or stock. He played accordingly. And as a result, the whole world can see the high profit of Ithaca. He successfully made the price 1.05 billion.
  3. Lastly, He made success with the Brain’s latest plan. In 2018, Peter became part of the Story 3 Capital Partners. He became the advisor of Mr. Braun. Everything was going perfectly as it was a merchant bank. His skilful instructions help Mr. Scooter Braun to improve financially this way. But ultimately, he can’t reach his goal.


Negativity is everywhere. But those who have a good grip on themselves can achieve anything. Like Mr. Peter Comisar. He is now the vice-chairman of the investment platform, Guggenheim Securities.

On 2nd June, Thursday, Mr. Peter Comisar filed a complaint against Mr. Braun where he accused him of fraud of $200 million. Let’s wait for the reports.