Save energy in the kitchen with hobs and ovens

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If we practice simple habits regularly applied in our kitchens and ovens allow significant energy savings:

Energy saving in ceramic hobs

It is essential to choose the right container for cooking, the better the smaller and more suited to the amount of food to be cooked. For the Cheap Houston Energy Rates proper electricity conservation is essential here.

Covering the cooking containers saves energy.

Take advantage of the residual heat from kitchens and ovens to finish cooking. This advice is especially useful in the case of ceramic hobs that remain hot for a while after being turned off.

Choose the container that best suits the stove or stove on which we are going to cook. The gas flame or the ceramic hob must not exceed the diameter of the container as this is a waste of energy.

Use quality kitchen batteries. The thick-bottomed ones are more efficient because they diffuse heat better and take better advantage of the energy transmitted by the electric and ceramic hobs. Use pressure cookers as they accelerate cooking time and allow energy savings of up to 75%.

Do not open the oven door until food cooking is finished, thus wasting energy waste. Remember to use the microwave to reheat the food instead of the traditional oven. Although their energy consumption is high, the little uptime they require makes them more efficient.

Save energy with the washer, dishwasher and dryer

If we look at these appliances, they are in the Top Ten of the most energy consumed in kitchens. Therefore, it is essential to make a good choice of the model.

In our country, consumers have a very effective tool that gives them information when choosing an appliance: the energy label of the appliances, which indicates the energy consumption, the noise level and the water consumption of the appliance. Seven efficiency categories are established that are named from letter A to G, with A being the one with the highest energy efficiency.

Based on this information, some tips to save energy from these appliances are proposed:

  • Always choose efficient appliances, preferably of category A. Normally, the savings in the electricity bill will compensate for a possible higher cost.
  • Choose as far as possible the lower temperature wash programs or cold wash.
  • Choose washing machines and dishwashers that consume the least amount of water possible, and better if they have differentiated sockets for cold and hot water.
  • Avoid prewash programs and use shorter wash programs.
  • Run the appliance when it is fully charged.
  • Use the right doses of detergent.

Dryers are energy-efficient appliances so it is always better to dry clothes in the air than in this appliance.

To reduce the energy consumption of the dryer, it is best to keep it in good condition, cleaning the lint filter after each use and ensuring that the drain is clean.

Save energy with the refrigerator

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This is an appliance that stays on most of its useful life, which is usually around 14 years, so choosing an efficient device is essential.

The current models are up to 40% more effective than the devices that were sold in 2001, so replacing the old refrigerator with a more modern one is already a significant saving. Here are other tips to save energy with our refrigerators.

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